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District Events

August 2015
"If you're not having fun, you're not doing it right" was Dick's advice to Rotarians.  He left a huge hole in the Rotary world at his passing on Sunday July 26 in Owosso. We will miss him. Our thoughts go out to his family and the Rotary Club of Owosso.
Serving as District Governor during 2001-02, he brought out the best in all of us. We worked hard, but we had fun. Dick had that way about him. And he made the world a better place. You wanted to be around Dick. People were his business and he touched all of us. At a Rotary club meeting, District event, or anywhere  else, Dick always had a smile--and he made us smile too.  What a leader; what a man; what a friend.
Dick leaves an empty space in our District that no one else can fill. His accomplishments were tremendous.  We invite all Rotarians to offer their own reflections during upcoming meetings as a tribute to Dick and all he gave to Rotary. Dick, you are a true gift to the world. Thank you for inspiring us. You now fly with the angels.

“Be a gift to the world”
– Ravi Ravindran
Welcome to our new Rotary Year which began on July 01, from Mike Kelly (Rotary Club of Alpena) District Governor 2015-2016 (DG) and your entire leadership team! 
First, congratulations to now Immediate Past District Governor (IPDG) Dee Brock for her outstanding leadership and service to all of us during her term. She certainly did “Light up Rotary”!  Results are not yet final, but we likely have set record levels of Rotary Foundation and Polio Fund giving during her term. Thank you Dee! She continues to inspire us all to “Do good in the world”.  In addition to her IPDG responsibilities, she will serve as District Trainer for District 6310 this year. 
Our Rotary International President, K.R. “Ravi” Ravindran of Sri Lanka, has selected as our theme this year – “be a gift to the world”.  A great verbalization with which to continue our “Service above Self”.  As Rotarians we need to “Pay it forward”.
Our primary focus will be on;
  1. Membership Development and Retention
  2. Foundation Giving
  3. Humanitarian Service
Farewell from DG Dee
I’ve had an awesome year serving as your District Governor.  I did some serious bonding with my car as I traveled the District, found that wearing a jacket and a scarf is okay, and have decided that it’s not so bad having my picture taken.  As I said in my closing song at the district conference, “I wouldn’t trade my year with you for anything!”  
Thank you for welcoming me to your clubs and for including me in your special club events.  In all the training I had in preparation for this position, I don’t remember being told how much fun I would have.  What a nice surprise that has been for me!  I’ve made some wonderful friendships and had the opportunity to see all the great work that is going on in our district.  And there is a LOT of great work going on in our district!
On July 1st, I will begin a term as District 6310 Trainer, taking over for Mary Cunningham who has filled that position for many years.  Past District Governors don’t fade away … they take on other roles in the District!
Perhaps you remember me telling the story of something one of last year’s youth exchange students said to his fellow exchange students.  Through his tears, he said, “You’ll all be in my heart forever.”  I remember thinking at the time that is the highest compliment a person can give someone. And so, I say to all of you, District 6310 Rotarians, you’ll be in my heart forever.

“I have seen a new energy in Rotary this year, and felt a new excitement.  I hope that in the year to come, you will continue your wonderful work to Light Up Rotary – and to help it Be a Gift to the World.”    Gary C.K. Huang, President, Rotary International


Many of you have asked for a copy of Bill Parlberg's presentation from the November Gala.  This is now available in the download section of the website.  This is a great presentation on Foundation facts and figures and District 6310's tremendous contribution over the years. Both a PowerPoint and PDF version is available.



An RLI day is time well spent.  Why?Image

If you're new to Rotary, it's a way to share a Saturday with other community leaders -- who happen to be Rotarians.  You can share your insights and gain new ones.  You will walk away with a new appreciation of what Rotary is all about and why your decision to join was one of the best decisions you made -- even if you don't fully appreciate that yet.  The cost never exceeds $79 for the day and that includes lunch.  Many clubs budget the cost to send members.

Registration and details are found at or read more below for dates in your area.


Happy Birthday, Rotary!  

Rotary turns 110 years old on February 23rd.  To commemorate the occasion, I’m asking each club to celebrate with a Rotary Birthday Cake, complete with ice cream, at your club meeting closest to that date.  Think of all the lives that have been saved or changed for the better in 110 years of “doing good” around the world and in our own communities.  I think that deserves a celebration!

2015 Youth Exchange Crew In ChicagoYouth Services

Last week I traveled with Dianne Rodgers, our Youth Exchange District Chair, Dave Smith, our District YE Compliance Officer, and Joe Sawyer, our District Outbound YE Officer, to the Central States Rotary Youth Exchange Winter Conference in Schaumburg, IL.  Our district is part of a multi-district organization made up of the Youth Exchange programs from 18 districts.  Some of you probably already know that our district is active in Central States, but I wonder how many of you know what a huge role our district plays in that organization.  I am proud to say that our district is home to the chairperson and the treasurer of Central States RYE – Dave Smith, Rotary Club of Midland, is the chair of CSRYE, and Joe Sawyer, Rotary Club of Corunna, is the treasurer for CSRYE.  So, as you can imagine, this was one beaming District Governor as I listened to their presentations.  District 6310 Rotarians, you can be proud of the leadership our district provides in CSRYE!  And, just as I felt when I visited their Summer Conference at Calvin College last July, I was simply in awe of the many volunteer Rotarians who work so hard to provide lifetime experiences for those students who are fortunate enough to be in the Youth Exchange program!

The Rotary Youth Leadership Awards committee met in January and hopes to have the 2015 Registration Packets ready by the end of February.  We are also hoping to have a brochure available this year that might make it easier for the clubs to recruit students.  The brochure would explain RYLA, the program, and Camp Rotary.


By Maureen Vaught, reprinted from Rotary News

Nathaniel Smith and Kristin Post met on a walking tour of Dupont Circle, a lively neighborhood in Washington, D.C. That's where things got a little creepy -- in a ghoulish sort of way. The Halloween-inspired walk featured ghost stories and neighborhood history. It also replaced a regular meeting of the Rotary Club of Dupont Circle Washington. It’s just the kind of activity that can attract young people — or the young at heart — to Rotary!


"WASH YOUR HANDS!"  I can’t tell you how many times I heard this as a child or said it to my own children or their friends and classmates. It seems like a simple, obviously important act that everyone should do without a second thought. But I can’t help but wonder if this Dominican Republic mother has heard this or said it to her children. Read more . . .


You might be surprised to learn that you do it everyday. "How?" you ask.  Read on to see what you do and can do as a Rotarian and as a club.


Give me one good reason why I should talk to my club now about hosting youth exchange students for Fall 2016.


Donate regularly to The Rotary Foundation.  It's easy  when you to sign up for Rotary Direct.  The enrollment form is found in the Download list on the left on our district home page. Or you can sign up online at Your contribution changes lives.


Elevator speeches tend to sound like — elevator speeches. Too rehearsed. Too stiff.  Consider changing your approach. Instead of reciting your club structure, just talk about what you do. Prospective members want to be involved with service so your best response is to describe a recent project your club completed or is planning. It shows action. It shows engagement. It shows what people are looking for in a club. After all when was the last time a service project had anything to do with an elevator?

August is Membership and Extension Month.  Spread the word about your projects.  Wear your pin.  Talk about Rotary in conversations with your family.  Why is important to membership? It's the first step toward getting others engaged.  It's easy to do.  Try it.