District Events
Arrival of GSE Team from 1210 UK Jan 20, 2013 - Feb 19, 2013
Arrival of GSE Team from 5550 Canada Feb 14, 2013 - Mar 13, 2013
NID-Second Feb 24, 2013 06:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Peace Conference Mar 03, 2013
South Asia Summit May 03, 2013 08:00 AM - May 05, 2013 08:00 PM
Departure of GSE Team to 5550 Canada May 08, 2013 - Jun 05, 2013
District Awards Jun 16, 2013
Service Above Self
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District Governor:   Badri Prasad R

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Posted by Suresh Hari on Feb 11, 2013

A grand meeting with Valentine’s Day program, Fellowship, Dinner and Dancing with DJ music.
celebration was organised by Rotary Bangalore, Rotary RMV, Rotary Diamond District & Rotary Vijayanagar.  The team greatly enjoyed the evening.  DG Badri Prasad graced the occasion.

Posted by Santhosh Shetty on Feb 09, 2013

Posted by S.N. Nagaraja Setty on Feb 01, 2013

Posted by Purushotham Rtn on Feb 01, 2013

Posted by Rajeshwari Sunil on Feb 05, 2013

Inauguration by Dist.Gov.Rtn.R.Badri Prasad


Valedictory Function by Prof.Dr.Sa Shi Marulaiah and DGN.Manjunath Shetty


Posted by Suresh Hari

Posted by Sunil Kanaran on Jan 25, 2013

Posted by Mahadev Prasad on Jan 26, 2013

Posted by Rtn Mallikarjunaiah on Jan 25, 2013

Posted by Nagaraja Rao on Jan 25, 2013

Posted by Suresh Hari on Jan 25, 2013

Posted by Suresh Hari on Jan 25, 2013

Posted by Sridhar BR on Jan 17, 2013

Posted by Suresh Hari on Jan 20, 2013

Posted by Suresh Hari on Jan 20, 2013

Posted by Suresh Hari on Jan 19, 2013

Posted by G. V. Radhakrishnan on Jan 16, 2013

Posted by R. Venkatesh on Jan 15, 2013

Posted by Fazal Ur Rahaman on Jan 17, 2013

The 24th Rotary Indiranagar Non Medallist Sub Junior Swimming Championship was successfully completed today. 249 swimmers participated. In addition to our medals & certificates, Speedo presented gift vouchers of Rs.500/-, Rs.350/- & Rs.250/-to the swimmers who finished 1st, 2nd & 3rd respectively in all the 32 events. They had set up a well stocked stall at the venue and most winners redeemed their gift vouchers at the stall itself.  Olympic swimmers Nisha Millet & Gagan were present for the finals & prize distribution and presented the medals along with representatives of Speedo and our Rotarians. TV 9 covered the event and you can view the coverage on their channel tonight.
Posted by Bettadapur Prithviraj on Jan 17, 2013

Posted by Venkatesh Setty on Jan 17, 2013

Posted by M Jagadeesh on Jan 16, 2013

Posted by Ajay Bansal on Jan 13, 2013

Historic Cycling expedition by Rotarians of District 3190 was flagged off by DG Rtn Badri Prasad  on 12th Jan 2013 at ITPL, Bangalore, cycling expedition from Bangalore to Pondicherry(via Mulbagal, Chittor, Kanchipuram, Chennai & Mahabalipuram)  with the theme " PEACE THROUGH SERVICE" which is the theme of the Rotary year is  from 12th to 17th January 2013 covering 550kms.-Day 1 ended with meeting at Kolar /Mulbagal with road show.


Posted by R.V. Suresh on Jan 10, 2013

Posted by Ramesh Reddy on Jan 05, 2013

Posted by B.M. Parthasarathy on Jan 07, 2013

Posted by Santhosh Shetty on Jan 04, 2013

Program  at Govt High School, Gruhalaxmi Layout, near Peenya in which our DGN Manjunath Shetty was present and also our local MLA. Sri Muniraju This  School has been adopted by the club. A
bout 90 Benches, 300 Dictionaries and  also the Sport items for the Children were distributed.
Posted by Ramachandran Ramabhadran on Jan 06, 2013

Posted by Manoj Agarwal on Jan 02, 2013

Posted by Suresh Hari on Jan 05, 2013

Posted by Mahesh Uppin R on Jan 03, 2013

Posted by B.M. Parthasarathy on Jan 02, 2013

In a grand function 16 dialysis machines with the help of Government was inaugurated by DG. Badri Prasad along with Hon.Minister Suresh Kumar, GOK  on 2nd January 2013.

Posted by Suresh Hari on Jan 07, 2013

Posted by Suresh Hari on Dec 30, 2012

Posted by K. Nagaraj on Dec 30, 2012

Posted by M. Marulasiddaiah on Dec 28, 2012

Posted by KESHAV SRINIVASAGOWDA on Dec 26, 2012

Posted by Mohan Gurjar on Dec 21, 2012

Posted by Sunil Kanaran on Dec 14, 2012

Posted by Suresh Hari on Dec 10, 2012

Posted by T.N. Srikantaswamy on Dec 20, 2012

Posted by Suresh Hari on Dec 21, 2012

Posted by Rtn Mr. Venkatesh on Dec 20, 2012

Cannapatna , conducted heart Camp on16 th dec by famous Dr RAGHU  of jayadeva hospital at Channapatna rotary Bala bhavan premises .More than 100 patients got the benefit of it . Nearly 20000 Rs  medicine was distributed.

Posted by B.E. Keerthishekar on Dec 18, 2012

On the eve of GOV, Tumkur presented excellent publicity project,Vocational training session and a well organised Press meet. 

Posted by Suresh Hari on Dec 17, 2012

On the eve of GOV the club had organised Project visit. President, Secretary,President Elect Community Service Dire and members were present in strength to showcase the projects being undertaken by the club to DG.  DG Badri Prasad was very appreciative of the purposeful projects being undertaken by the club

Posted by Suresh Hari on Dec 16, 2012

DG Badri Prasad participated in the Animal health checkup camp organised by the club on the even of GOV to the club.  The young club is putting all efforts to achieve the first task of owning their own premises as the first step towards sustained growth.

Posted by Arun Kanoria on Dec 15, 2012

An excellent program along with Senior citizens was organised by the club to celebrate Christmas and also dedicate Solar Water Heater donated by the club

Posted by Viraf Sutaria on Dec 15, 2012

The seventh edition of event was flagged off by SHRI. ARAVIND LIMBAVALI, Hon'ble Minister for Health & Family Welfare along with DG.Badri Prasad.  The mela like situation in an eye opener for first time visitors.  The event had all festivity and sporting spirit apart from full entertainment value
Posted by Srinivas Chalasani on Dec 03, 2012

Posted by Suresh Hari on Dec 03, 2012

Excellent fellowship-great arrangement and good food. The key note speaker 'PDG Suri' was outstanding and the guest speaker Vidya Vachaspathy Kavita Krishna was fantastic. The panel discussion had full of contents which when adopted will enable one do excellent community service projects.
Posted by Suresh Hari on Nov 18, 2012

Posted by Prithvi Raval on Nov 19, 2012

It was nice program with the Norway visitors.  PDG Rtn. Swain and Anne Gertha. They enjoyed the their dinner on Friday night at Toscanas and Saturday they were out with Rtn. Dr. Shashidar and family to see Mysore and the Palace at close quarters. Sunday Morning the Northwest Rotarians gave them a very warm welcome and exchanged notes our visits. Then we went to Cubbon Park for a few pictures and lunch at Chancery Hotel on Lavelle Road. The enjoyed the beer and the food.  Later they were dropped to airport by Rtn. Ramdas. They have requested all our friends to visit Norway and probably some of us who had made close contact will do so. Zarryl Lobo wanted to visit Norway on the shortest day of the year ! Rtn. Shirish Nene attended the NW club, but came a little late and left without meeting the guests, as he wanted to go early. So without any order;  my thanks goes to all those who participated and putting our IFMR ‘out front’ in greeting the Norway Guests and building better World Understanding, and International Peace, which is the theme of the year. 

Posted by Asha Khatri on Nov 18, 2012

Grand Success- more than 2500 participated

Posted by Suresh Hari on Nov 11, 2012

The inter club fellowship event organised at HAL Sports ground was a grand success. Members of both the clubs had a great bonding with cricket,Tug of war and other games to keep them together.

Posted by S. Tajuddin on Nov 10, 2012

The club organised an excellent program on the eve of GOV.  Prizes to children who participated in different competition was handed out by DG.Badri Prasad.  Swamiji was Honored for his continued support to projects by the club.

Posted by K.S. Nagabhushanam on Nov 09, 2012

GOV at Tirupati was well organised with the members presenting activities of the club. The clubs Charter certificate in its original form is still maintained. 

Posted by Mahadev Prasad on Nov 08, 2012

The show by Membership development team was extraordinary with almost 220 members participating in the program which was well organised.  The host club Highgrounds made all effort to make the event a memorable one and had the highest registration.

Posted by Santhosh Shetty on Nov 06, 2012

An  Eye CheckUp Camp at Sidhartnagar On sunday 150 Residents were screened Free  Medicines & 70 Spectacles were Distributed . On 6th Nov 2012 Tuesday In Association with Rotary Eye Clinic 15 Eye Contract Surgeries were Performed for the  needy at Siddhartha Eye Camp  at Each Surgery costing Of about Rs 1500/- each

Posted by Rajendra Mouni on Nov 06, 2012

On the eve of GOV, Kolar Gold Field inaugurated a welcome signage in the hands of DG.  The public image drive was well received by the local people.The club arranged the GOV in an excellent manner.

Posted by M.U. Aswath on Nov 06, 2012

Posted by Suresh Hari on Nov 03, 2012

DG Badri Prasad had an exclusive interview with reporter from Indian Express on the eve of ICGF on International Service.  In a detailed discussion various programs of the district and Clubs was elaborated.  Scanned copy attached.

Posted by Rtn Mallikarjunaiah on Oct 31, 2012

Posted by Suresh Hari on Oct 28, 2012

Posted by Mohan Gurjar on Oct 23, 2012

A grand show of honoring consul general of  Switzerland was organised in a grand style by the club. Interesting aspect of the country and an excellent interaction was enjoyed by members.  Pulse polio campaign through signature commitment was signed by all present.

Posted by Suresh Hari on Oct 21, 2012

The long awaited event was a super hit among Past Presidents. The chief guest PDG Nagendran gave a beautiful insight into the activities that will enhance role of Past presidents in clubs.  The skit scripted by Dr. Upendra was a so practical and gave one a feeling of how one should not be in handling clubs activities. Three cheers to Yelhanka for an excellent event


Posted by T.N. Srikantaswamy on Oct 01, 2012

We conducted the blood donation camp jointly with IDBI Bank at their premises on the occasion of the foundation day of IDBI. This is a regular annual joint project of our club & IDBI for the past 3 years. 
Sanjeevini Blood Bank participated, and 70 Units of blood were collected. All the donors were given energy drink snacks and fruits.  
Dist.Secrys Rt.Asha ,Rt.Suresh Hari and Rt.O.P.Khanna presided on the occasion. Over 20 Rotarians along with our President, Secry, Pres.Elect, attended this event. Few of our Rtrns donated blood.
Posted by Purushotham Rtn on Oct 15, 2012

On the occation of GOV to Kolar Central, DG Badri Prasad and team visited the new club house that is being built at Mulbagal central.  The progress of club house was very impressive.
Posted by K. N. Vasuki on Oct 14, 2012

It was an very Grand  ICGF Event where the host club President and Secretary, in spite of being unwell, created an wonderful atmosphere for all of us to enjoy.  The team lead by the club needs all appreciation for this show of solidarity. Also Udyog presented RUSI Award to Sri SRIDHAR-MD  of KLADON DESIGNS (P) LTD.  and we are recognised by the Dist 3190 for our 100% registration , Thanks to all Udyogians who attended & Supported this event and discovered our own African SAMBA Dancer in the Club ,Further pictures can be viewd through the link send by our Kishore  https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/sredir?uname=100809343894094133703&target=ALBUM&id=5798851986671457809&authkey=Gv1sRgCOfxtd7ooJu9Hg&feat=email

Posted by Suresh Hari on Oct 13, 2012

The much awaited Rotary Park was visited by DG.Badri Prasad during his trip to Kolar for their GOV.  The park was the joint effort of District/Kolar central and Bangalore Indiranagar.  
Posted by Shashank Kekre on Oct 09, 2012

Posted by Badri Prasad R on Oct 12, 2012

Posted by Nagaraja Rao on Oct 11, 2012

On the eve of Governors visit, the club organised special event with project launches including Bus shelter, Signage's, free water filer, etc.,  DG visited Rotary school and other activity centers of the club- which is of very high caliber.  The club runs a school effectively and has good public image.
Posted by Suresh Hari on Oct 11, 2012

It gives me immense pleasure in informing to you about Rotahunt, Rotaract Club of Bangalore North West's first district project. Rotahunt is essentially a 25 level, online treasure hunt where participants are to crack clues, stage by stage. We are having this Rotahunt to help promote the Rotafest. This treasure hunt is the first of its kind amongst the other events/projects that Rotaract has been associated with.
The details are as follows -
Date : 13th of October, Saturday.
Time: 6 pm
Sponsors: WE School, and Rotary Club of Bangalore North West.
As of now, we have started promoting it in the social networking circles and are expecting a participation of close to 500 people.
Nikesh Vora
President, Rotaract Club of Bangalore North West
Posted by Rtn Mallikarjunaiah on Oct 06, 2012

Posted by Suresh Hari on Oct 09, 2012

Posted by V Sasikumar on Oct 07, 2012

Posted by Badri Prasad R on Oct 03, 2012

Past RIP Kalyan  visited Bangalore on an urgent Rotary work in Bangalore.  A luncheon meeting with PRIP along with DG. Badtri Prasad, RRFC Yoganand, Dist. Director for Signature Projects O.P.Knanna and Dist. Secretary Suresh Hari  was held Hotel Royal Orchid.
Posted by Jayaraj Menon on Oct 02, 2012

Rotary Bangalore East has embarked on a Twin-Village Adoption Project which is a “Signature Project” for 2012-13, under the project name “PROJECT MOKSHA”. Rotary Bangalore East has adopted Karahalli-Yeshwanthapura | A Twin Village at Nelavagilu Panchayat, near Hindiganala,Nandagudi Post – Hobli, Hosakote Taluk, Bangalore Rural District, on Hosakote-Chintamani Road, about 55 Kmts from Bangalore.

Rotary Bangalore East and Rotract Club of Hindustan Aviation Academy, in association with Shankara Eye Hospital conducted a “Free Eye Check-up Camp” for the Villagers at KarahalliYeshwanthapura at Hosakote. The Villagers hugely benefitted by the Eye Camp Project, sincethey were deprived of basic health amenities in the Village & had to travel extensively to get medical aid of any kind.

Rotary Bangalore East would like to thank Past President & Director Rtn.K.C.Samuel, while RBE also appreciates the efforts by Rotract Club of Hindustan Aviation Academy along with its President Rotractor Prashanth & his team, for their participation in the Eye Camp Project.
Posted by Shashank Kekre on Oct 03, 2012

Posted by Asha Prasannakumar on Oct 01, 2012

In a grand function the dream signature project of our DG -Dialysis center was inaugurated today. The donor of thte Hospital and members of Tumkur East and other club members joined in the celebrations.  Director signature projects OP Khanna participated in the event along with other district officials.
Posted by Suresh Hari on Sep 18, 2012

First available indications are the coverage exceeded more than 30000 students. Await more information. Some coverage of the event is in the attached link.
Posted by K. A. Dewaraj on Sep 09, 2012

On the eve of GOV to the club, Dictionary was distributed to school children with the support of Rajajinagar Club. Members of North West clubs were present at a glittering function participated by DG. Badri Prasad on 8th September. Creating water collection points around trees was conveyed to the students by North West club members apart from conducting career counselling session. Teachers were honored during the official GOV function
Posted by E. Raveesha on Sep 04, 2012

Posted by T.N. Srikantaswamy on Sep 06, 2012

The Installation of Kinderact Club of Ankur School, SS Puram, Tumkur, sponsored by Rotary Club Tumkur East was held today 05-09-12 at 10.30am at the school premises.The President of the Sponsor Club, Rotary Club Tumkur East, Rt.Srikanta Swamy, was the Chief-Guest and the School Principal Sharmilal Ravindranath was the Guest of Honor.Kinderactor Mahesh was installed by Srikanta Swamy as the new President of the club and also installed the rest of the board members.The Guests spoke on the occasion and the event concluded with distribution of snacks to the children.The Kinderactors danced and sang on the occasion that coincided with the Teacher's Day.
Posted by Suresh Hari on Sep 02, 2012

On the eve of GOV to the club DG Badri Prasad switched on the solar light system provided to a Girls Hostal, which is housing 80 students  from rural areas of Mandya District. Bharathinagar Central has been focusing on projects that is relevant to local population
Posted by Suresh Hari on Sep 02, 2012

Malavalli Rotary club have embarked on a major project of relocating their existing school Building to a new premise which will house more than 1000 children.  The project is located at the city center and well connected.  The existing reach of the club will increase with the completion of this project,estimated by next year middle. DG Badri Prasad visited the site on the eve of GOV to the club.
Posted by Rajeshwari Sunil on Sep 01, 2012

Rotary Souths major Community  project- "Inauguration of 50 Comfort Stations" on 15th August at Santhekalhally and Basavapatna, Chikkaballapur District
Posted by Srinath Birur on Aug 30, 2012

Posted by S.N. Nagaraja Setty on Aug 28, 2012

On the eve of GOV, the club launched unique campaign of welcome/Thank you signage at 4 major entry point to the city. The PR/Publicity initiative is likely to enhance Rotary image in the town of Nagamangala
Posted by Suresh Hari on Aug 13, 2012

Today saw the ground breaking ceremony of DG. Badri Prasad's dream 'Signature Project' at Pavagada, one of the last geographical location of District 3190. The Governors Official Visits to clubs commenced after Inuguration of this wonderful project which envisages constructing houses for Tribal villagers in Pavagada. Around 50 families will benefit out of the project launched with Rotary Highgrounds initiative. The project, when implemented, will see collaborative effort of Rotary Highground, Pavagada, District and Rajiv Gandhi Rural Housing Corporation apart from possible International Club. DG. Badri Prasad,Dist. Secretary Suresh Hari,AG. Vanitha Narayan, President Highgrounds Mahadev Prasad, along with members from Tumkur, Nagarbavi, Indiranagar, Highgrounds and  Pavagada participated.
Posted by Sridhar B R on Aug 09, 2010

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