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District Governor:   John Andrews

District Governor's  Club Home Page.

Posted by Ronald Williams on Apr 01, 2013

 Club When Contact  
Rotary Club of  Haddonfield  April 10, 2013
 Rotary Club of Haddonfield
 Rotary Club of Vineland  April 16, 2013  Rotary Club of Vineland  Lunch
Rotary Club of Atlantic City
 April 18, 2013
 Rotary Club of Atlantic City

Rotary Club of Woodbury

 April 23, 2013
 Rotary Club of Woodbury
Rotary Club Gloucester Twp  April 24, 2013  Rotary Club of Gloucester Twp  Dinner
Rotary Club of Bridgeton Breakfast
 May 01. 2013
 Rotary Club Bridgeton Breakfast
 Rotary Club of Bridgeton
 May 01, 2013
 Rotary Club Bridgeton  Farewell Wine Tasting
Rotary Club of Bridgeton
 May 02 2013
 Rotary Club Bridgeton
Rotary Club of Mid Jersey Cape  May 02, 2013
On Line Registration
Posted by Ronald Williams on Apr 01, 2013

RI Integration - New Field Added
March 21 2013

Post this release, the RI Integration module now supports the Club Membership Chair as an integrated officer. As soon as this position is populated, the RI Database will reflect this immediately, ensuring that this member will receive proper access as well as timely notifications regarding membership.

New Report - Login Activity
March 21 2013

This release includes the addition of a new report that will allow club executives to track the login activity of club members. This report will display the number of members that have logged in the past month, within the last 3 months, 4-6 months, 7-12 months, within the last year and the number of members that have never logged in. You can then expand your view to see the names of the club members, along with their last login date. You also have the option to select other users from the filter options and can export the report to excel.

Years of Service Report - New Options to Base Report On
March 21 2013

This release includes the addition of two new options within the Years of Service report, which you can select to base your report on - 'Original Date Joined' and 'Date Rejoined'. When you select 'Original Date Joined' as your option, this report will show you the years of service for each member from when they originally joined Rotary. Selecting 'Date Rejoined' will display the years of service for each member if and when they rejoined the club.

Event Planner 2.0 - Comments Box Added for Event Chair
March 21 2013

Now when the Event Chair registers members and non-members for events, they will see a comments field where they can add any additional information they feel is necessary, similar to the comments field guests see when they register themselves.

Dues and Billing - Statement Last Emailed Date
March 21 2013

Now, it's easier to track when you last emailed a statement to a member. You will now see a new field in the Accounts Statements screen that will display the last date you emailed each member their statement.

MyEventRunner - Quantity Left (Packages and Add-ons)
March 21 2013

Event Chairs using MyEventRunner to plan their events can now keep track of the number of packages and add-ons left for purchase from within the Form Designer screen. If you have set a limit on the number of packages/add-ons that can be purchased, then as guests register, the 'quantity left' row will automatically update to reflect the number of tickets left for purchase.

Event Planner 2.0 - Registration Reporting Enhancement
March 21 2013

The registration report now also displays other member types so the event chair can easily keep track of everyone that has registered or declined.

Posted by Ronald Williams on Feb 18, 2013



 Full Conference Package: includes Sat night hotel room

 Room Style

 1 Person

 2 Person

 1 King Bed



 2 Queen Beds






 “Drive-In” (a la Carte) per person

Full Commuter Conference (no hotel room)


Saturday Conference only 


Saturday Dinner only


 Saturday Conference and Dinner


 Sunday Conference


 Add Friday night hotel room 




For additional information contact Joe and Peg Castor 856-627-1894


Register online:

Posted by Ronald Williams on Mar 19, 2013


Ad Application Can Be Located On The Districts Website IN the Download Section

Posted by Ronald Williams on Feb 25, 2013







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Posted by Ronald Williams on Feb 24, 2013

In The Schools: Middle Township High School Interact Club connects with needy

Posted by Ronald Williams on Jan 29, 2013


Longtime business owner B Harold Smick will be sharing his memories and his memorabilia from the Presidential Inaugurations on Thursday, Jan. 31, in the meeting room at The Pennsville Public Library.

“Mr Smick has attended all of the Inaugurations that were held since 1941.

“That is, from FDR to Obama.

“Politics aside, this program is sure to please conservatives, liberals and even Independents!

“We are just so pleased that Harold is available to share his special experiences with all of us.

“Meet us at 6:30 p.m. for light refreshments.

“The program will begin at 7 p.m.

“RSVP at the front desk: 856-678-5473.’’

Posted by Ronald Williams on Jan 27, 2013

Check out the profiles of the Inbound Team from Rotary District 2040

GSE Team Profile

Posted by Ronald Williams on Jan 11, 2013

Look inside >
Posted by Alan F. Stein on Jan 10, 2013

Register for either Sessions I,, II or III please do so at: March 15th

This is a great opportunity for those Rotarians seeking to improve their own leadership skills, advance their knowledge of Rotary, seek to further their Rotary career and to benefit their Clubs, the District and Rotary.

The club pays your registration fee or reimburses you for attending. Please call the Hotel directly if you are planning to come Thursday evening. At 856- 234-7000. Please ,mention the Rotary Leadership Institute when making reservations for the special rate.

If you need additional information Contact

Alan F. Stein, PDG

RI District 7640

RLI District Chair

Email Alan



Posted by Ronald Williams on Dec 29, 2012

2012 Feature Updates

It's almost the end of the year and here at ClubRunner, we'd like to thank each and every one of our users in helping make our success possible. With your support by our side, we definitely hit many milestones this year and released many new features.

In fact, we've had a busy year with the development of our upcoming Version 3.0, bi-weekly product releases where many of the features implemented were based on your feedback and our constant attempt to improve our product to better meet your needs.

Did you miss some of our service update announcements this year? Not a problem! Read more on all of our updates by visiting our service updates page. Updated regularly, here you will find information on all of the features we've implemented to ClubRunner this year - even the smallest changes.

We have even more in store for 2013 and are very excited to soon share our latest news and updates with you. Follow our updates here on our blog or on our service updates page. Do you have a suggestion or feature request you would like to add to our customer wishlist? Every year we go through our customer wishlist and try to implement as many feature requests as we can.
We'd love to hear your feedback on how we can improve ClubRunner. You can email us your suggestions at [email protected]



Posted by Ronald Williams on Dec 27, 2012

Posted by Ronald Williams on Dec 16, 2012

Check out the "DOWNLOAD SECTION" of the Districts website for a Yellow Page listing of Rotarian's  businesses.  Please note that if you have not completed your profile on the Districts website DO IT NOW or if your club uses ClubRunner update your profile there, you won't be listed.

How to Update My Profile

Posted by Ronald Williams on Dec 10, 2012


Students pictured in the front row from left are Richard Witmer, Aiden Nicholls, Zane O’Rourke, Kayla Kaenzig and Emily Maffei. In the second row from left are Brett Bartuccio, Katelyn Maffei, Samantha Delfino, Anahi Boone and Tyler Shepherd. Adults in the picture from left are third-grade teacher Kimberly Yakabi Yob, Rotary Club member Mike Hitman, third-grade teacher Jeremy Edwards, and Rotary Club member Jerry Daunoras.


Send your Clubs Dictionary Photos to [email protected]

Posted by Ronald Williams on Dec 03, 2012

Membership Change Reporting
Important! This feature will be retired effective July 31, 2012. If you are still using this manual email method of reporting changes to RI, please switch to the new automatic integration feature that was released in November 2010. The new automated synchronization feature will post updates to RI’s databases within minutes, and once opted-in, you will not be required to send the updates manually. For more information and to get started on the new version please click here.
Posted by Ronald Williams on Nov 18, 2012

Member referral banners
Posted by Ronald Williams on Nov 10, 2012

Fifty years of Interact

Interact clubs around the world are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the program. For World Interact Week, find out how you can join the celebration by entering our video or postcard contests and more.

Posted by CarolAnn Jeronimo on Nov 05, 2012

Dear Friends throughout the Rotary world and beyond...


It has now been almost a week since Hurricane Sandy attacked New Jersey and New York.  All of the six District governors in the area whose Districts were most affected  have been in contact with one another, and I would like to give you an update on what has happened to each of our areas, as well as a list of both immediate and long-term needs as we know them now.


At Zones 24 and 32's director Bryn Sykes suggestion, we are all working together to get donated supplies to the right area.  We are asking that cash donations be made to one fund, the Walter D. head Foundation if Rotary District 7490, c/o Calisto Bertin ( our DGN), Bertin Engineering, 66 Glen Avenue, Glen Rock, NJ 07452.  By tomorrow, we will also have a way those who wish to do so can wire transfer money or donate on-line  or using PayPal or other major credit cards.  We will split whatever donations are given among the six affected districts, although we may decide to give more to those districts that are most  affected( see below).  That information will be on the website  (created as part of a mufti-district PR grant we received from Rotary International):  We will keep that site updated with the latest information every other day., including foundations of individual distrcts.


We are overwhelmed by the generosity and support we have received from not only Rotarians but also from the general public.  Today a group of dancing students is running a supplies drive, and will also be putting on a fund raising event.  Hundreds of Rotary districts and clubs all over the world have called or e-mailed us to see how they could help. 



In general, most of the flood waters in the area have subsided, but about 50% of us still have no power and may not get it back before the end of the week.  Mass transit is slowly returning to the area, and roads are being cleared. Unfortunately, the U.S. Weather Service is forecasting another severe storm fir Wednesday, which may eradicate any progress.  But many people, including Rotarians, lost their homes and businesses, and some even lost their lives.  With the power still out, there is still danger from overexposure to carbon monoxide fumes from generators and propane tanks, and from freezing without heat.


Many Rotary districts and clubs , as well as other organizations, are already on their way with donated supplies.   At least four trucks are already on their way. 


Here are items needed NOW by people in shelters throughout the area:










Cleaning supplies of all types - mops, brooms, pails, disinfectant, bleach, detergent

Batteries, especially D batteries

Disposable diapers for babies of all sizes

Depends for senior citizens

Non-perishable food items, especially Chunky soups, protein items like tuna fish or salmon, sardines, peanut butter, bread, jelly,beans, stews, canned ravioli, also juices

Baby food of all types

Non-electronic toys and games


Sweaters, sweatpants and sweatshirts

Paper plates and cups



By tomorrow, we will out on the website a warehouse where items may be delivered.  We are putting together trucks and people to drive the supplies where they are needed throughout the six Districts. Non-food donations can be delivered to: 799 Route 17south in Paramus, just south of Linwood Avenue and the Capital One Bank.  We will post more sites on the website.


Longer-term needs

Once people get out of shelters and resume their lives, they will need the following:


Furniture - chairs, tables, beds, desks

School supplies of all sorts

Linens and towels

Warm clothing

Kitchen utensils



We are working in a multi- district grant to supply some of these.


Building needs

We will need help rebuilding many structures and will keep that updated on our website  at


Among the sites we will need help rebuilding are:


Schools ( plus all supplies and furniture)

Senior Centers


Civic centers


We will need hands-on volunteers for these projects, as well as funds. 


Here is a District by District (in numerical order) of what is happening in each District that was badly affected.  I am also including the name and contact information for the District Governor in that area.


District 7230   (Manhattan, Bronx Staten Island and Westchester) Greg Arcaro, DG, [email protected], (c) 914-589-2090


Hundreds of people are homeless on the southern side of Staten Island.  The restaurant (owned by a Rotarian) where the South Staten Island Rotary met was washed out to sea.  The ferry has just started running to Staten Island again, but many roads are impassable. Power has been restored to about 50% of the people there.  Lower Manhattan's Battery Park was flooded, and tunnels serving the city, the Holland and Brooklyn Tunnels, were inundated.  Power has been restored to much of Manhattan.  Westchester and the Bronx did not get much damage other than falling trees and downed power lines.  We have not  heard from Bermuda, which is part of the District, and was also in Hurricane Sandy's path.


District 7250 (Queens, Brooklyn and Nassau Counties, NY), DG Mario Moran, [email protected], (c) 516-729-8164


This area was badly damaged.  Many are homeless in the Rockaways, Long Beach, Fire Island,the Rockaways in Queens,  Coney Island and Brighton Beach, Brooklyn.  In Breezy Point, a fire destroyed eighty homes. All of the areas in Nassau County south of Sunrise Highway were flooded.  There is a shelter that  has been set up in Freeport, NY) one of our Youth Exchange students from Brazil who was staying in Long Beach lost the home where he is staying, although it looks like he will be adopted by District 7490. Trees are down throughout the area, but about 60% have had power restored at this point.


District 7640, Suffolk County, NY, Connie Gevinski, DG, [email protected], (c) 631-255-6119


Hardest -hit areas are in Islip and in Huntington on the North Shore.  Trees are down, but much power has been restored.The town of Lindenhurst had 100 homes lost to the Ocean.  A large area of

homes were flooded.  They are in desperate need of cleaning supplies and

physical help.  They do not need any more clothing donations, but bedding

would be useful.

We still have many without power and heat because of downed lines and it may

be some time before they receive it.

There are also other Oceanside towns that I have not been able to get lists

of needs from.


District 7490 ( Bergen, Passaic and Hudson Counties, NJ). Bonnie Sirower, DG, [email protected], (c) 201-446-1814


 The towns if Moonachie and Little Ferry were washed away when a levee broke.  Most buildings and homes were destroyed, although floodwaters have receded. No power restored yet.  Hoboken was 90% underwater.  Jersey City and Secaucus were somewhat flooded, too.  There is a shelter run by the Elks in Hoboken and at Woodridge High School near Moonachie.  Power is about 50% restored to the area (not here yet).


District 7500 (Monmouth, Ocean and Burlington Counties, NJ) Joan Vas, DG, [email protected], (c) 732-241-3947


This  area was VERY badly damaged. In Sea Bright, there is still no access to the town. Many residents in Belmar were evacuated and are now in shelters.  Seaside Heights was devastated and  its amusement area and boardwalk were washed out to sea. The National Guard is patrolling the area of Point Pleasant where people have been evacuated. Mantolokin is still considered unsafe. There is very little electricity throughout the area. The DGE's home is uninhabitable.  The town Union Beach had over 200 homes washed away and between 15 and 30 residents are unaccounted for at this point in time.  Long Beach Island was devastated with about 4-5 feet of beach sand on the main road through the island."



District 7640 (Atlantic, Cape May, Camden and Gloucester Counties, NJ) John Andrews, DG , [email protected], (c) 609-576-8353


Atlantic City and Brigantine were the hardest hit. They are still in a state of emergency   Much of those cities were inundated.  Also hard-hit were Beach Haven,Ventnor, Margate and Longport.  There are shelters set up in these areas.


In the other districts in our immediate region, District 7470 (Essex, Sussex, Morris and Somerset Counties) had some flooding in Newark, plus downed trees. District 7510 (Union, Middlesex, Princeton) had some flooding and downed trees and no power.  7210 (Rockland, Orange, Duchess) had some flooding in Piermont and Nyack, plus downed trees and no power in many areas, but the damage is not as drastic as in the other areas.  I have not included Connecticut in this survey. 


We appreciate your help!


Posted by Rose Marie McCarthy on Oct 01, 2012

Posted by Ronald Williams on Aug 26, 2012

Making a difference

Rotarians are improving lives in communities around the world every day through thousands of service projects. Browse projects to explore the good work that Rotary clubs are doing locally and globally. Join a project, or share your own with the Rotary community and your Facebook friends.

Rotary ShowCase

Posted by Ronald Williams on Jul 29, 2012

Posted by Ronald Williams on Sep 25, 2011

Mobile apps
Posted on Jun 02, 2010

Advertise On The Districts Website

Advertising Rates see next section 

Posted by Ronald Williams on Mar 20, 2012

Protect Yourself

 Is your Club running or promoting an event?  DON’T use your personal or work email or phone number; invest in a throwaway email address and prepaid cell phone.  As an example [email protected],  Yahoo.Com, or   If you us one of these address you will avoid exposing your personal or work information to scammers and crooks.  When using one of these addresses you can have the email system automatically forward any email to your personal or work email.

Use a prepaid cell phone number to list a phone number in any of your advertisements.  Most of us have an extra cell phone lying around that you should be able to us with a prepaid phone card.

Rotarians are constantly subject to email and phone scams PROTECT YOURSELF.

Posted by Ron Williams on Nov 05, 2010

Interested In Speaking To A Rotary Club?  Add your information to our Speaker Profile
Posted on May 07, 2009

Website Sponsors
Feb 25, 2013
by William Land
 Community Yard Sale & Craft Fair Hosted by the Absecon/Galloway Rotary Club & Galloway Community Services
@ Galloway Municipal Complex, 300 E. Jimmie Leeds Road, Galloway, NJ 08205
Saturday, May 4, 2013 Make a Donation or Reserve your spot today…
Bill Land @ 412-9158 or Anne Thomas @ 645-7566
Aug 22, 2010
by Ron Williams

Attention Clubs have your upcoming events listed in the news section.  We need 1. Name of Event 2. Breif description 3. Contact person with phone numbers and email address 4. Website listing of your event. Clubs that use ClubRunner can have their events listed in the District Calendar by checking display in district calendar in your event listing.  Send your event informaiton to [email protected]


Dec 31, 2011
by Ron Williams
Clubs That Use ClubRunner Have their events listed on the District Calendar
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