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Rotary Club of Orange Daybreak President Murray Paterson recently launched an important tool for awareness about Rotary and the work of Rotarians.

Called the Nepal Friendship Project Community Development and Training Project Newsletter, it contains stories about the Nepal Project and other projects undertaken by the Daybreak members. Murray takes up the story...

"We are pleased and proud to be working on this community development project in Nepal with Rotary Clubs in Nepal, Rotary Clubs in the Central West of NSW (District 9700), with local businesses and corporate organisations and with other local clubs in Orange.
The spirit of adventure and generosity that is being shown makes the work so much easier. This newsletter takes us into the project that is occurring in 2013, the work from 2012, and what we are planning for beyond 2013. It is also a big thank you to everyone – in Australia and in Nepal - who is making such efforts towards the success of the venture."

A copy of the newsletter can be downloaded from the Download frame to the left of this story

Posted by Michael Milston on Feb 09, 2013

Saturday-Sunday 9-10 February 2013
Today, at the invitation of the District Governor Elect (DGE) Geoff Tancred, the Assistant Governors (AGs) for 2013-14 met in Young to participate in a learning and development (L&D) experience to assist them with their role next year.

The training is a first full focused learning opportunity for AGs, and DGE Geoff said the weekend is support by the District and RI to encourage strong support for the AG in the district.
Posted by Paul J Murray on Feb 05, 2013

You are invited to a night of inspirational Rotary fellowship Wednesday 6 March 2013 
7.00 for 7.30pm at the West Wyalong S&C Sports Club,  Tallimba Rd.

Cost per head - $40 which includes a drink and dinner (Two courses main & dessert)

Guest Speakers are two inspirational former RI directors Stuart Heal and Tom Thorfinnson. 

Click here for details.


 Stuart Heal

 Tom Thorfinnson

Posted by Paul J Murray on Jan 04, 2013

The following is a letter to all Rotarians in D9700 from PDG Fred Loneragan and PP John Glassford 

Many many thanks for the ongoing support for our projects in Africa through our World AIDS Day Lunch Bag money.

We are still getting envelopes being sent in and so far we have raised around $8,000, which included a donation of $2,000 from the RC of Warrandyte-Donvale in Victoria.  Warrandyte have supported us in the past and have a champion in the club who has ties to Africa.

The monies raised will go towards ongoing support of our two major projects:

Orphan Rescue in Mathare, Kenya and Coolamon House in Hout Bay, Cape Town.

We have been asked by our Foundation to make sure that our projects are sustainable in order to get Global Grants under the new Future Vision starting on July 1st this year.  Both projects are ongoing and sustainable and can be shown to be so.  Our two projects are both changing lives of the most needy humans on this planet.

Coolamon House under Operation Medical Hope are now providing education on healthy diets and pre and post natal care for the women of the township in Hout Bay who are HIV+.   These women get ongoing care long after the child is born.  The project has also been able to prevent the transmission of the HIV virus to the unborn child with great results.  Our funds are needed more than ever these days for the women of Hout Bay.

Orphan Rescue is progressing well and we are now able to identify a further 8 secondary school age children who now need to get our of the slums of Mathare and into High School.  This as a result of the Mountains of the Moon adventure.  Our goal is 200 and we call this project Tracey's 200 after Tracey Monica Ochieng who is doing so well now that she is in secondary school.  Most Kenyan children do not get to secondary school as they have to pay fees, accommodation, uniforms and daily food.  Orphan Rescue in partnership with Hope World Wide and the RC of Nairobi are responsible on the ground for this project.

So many thanks again and have a great 2013.

Yours in Rotary

PDG Fred Loneragan and PP John Glassford

Posted by Paul J Murray on Dec 11, 2012

The guest speaker at the Tuesday Dec 11th Wollundry Rotary club meeting was Jeffrey Bleich, American Ambassador to Australia. Mr Bleich and his wife Rebecca came to Wagga Wagga as guests of the Australian American Association and were hosted by Paul and Carolyn Murray.

As a "recovering lawyer" Mr Bleich made some very interesting comments on law and how it related to society, suggesting that the more laws there were the less free the society in which we live. When we pass laws he said, we are showing that something in our social code is not strong enough. We shouldn't need a law against littering, or discrimination or animal cruelty. Good behaviour and mutual respect have created large zones of peace in our world. With America, the fact that we have very few agreements means that we do have a great friendship and mutual respect for each other. Clubs such as Rotary have done much to foster this.

He went on to say that as important as Diplomacy is, as important as the Law is, the values of service are where all our futures rest. The speech was very well received by the Club with a standing ovation.  John Gray gave the vote of thanks and a bottle of great Wagga Wagga olive oil.

Posted by Paul J Murray on Nov 13, 2012

The Rotary Foundation does enormous work throughout the World , making the lives of others much better.  With Water Projects, Micro Loans, Education , Health projects and much more, we are able to give people like you and me the things we take for granted.

The Centurion Club is a voluntary group which donates $100 per year to the Foundation.  With that tiny $2 per week, the Foundation is able to change lives, and to make the living conditions of thousands just that much better. It is less than a cup of coffee, it is the same as a newspaper, it is even less than a Mars Bar! Yet what it can achieve is immeasurable.

Join now.  Click here for the form.


Posted by Paul J Murray on Sep 24, 2012

The votes are in and the Peace Conference was a winner.  Click on the Peace Conf Photos link at the right to see Greg Conkeys photos, and read on to read reviews of the conference below.

“The hardworking members of Rotary in Wagga are to be congratulated on staging this conference in our city. 
Events such as this don't just happen — they take many hours of planning and preparation with many Rotarians working "behind the scenes" to make sure the three-day conference was a success. World peace is a work in progress, and perhaps the steps undertaken in Wagga at the weekend may prove to have been the beginning of achieving that goal."
The Daily Advertiser Editorial of September 24th

“The event played well into into Wagga’s title as the World’s First Peace City.”
Conference Chairman Fred Loneragan

“Massive success and proved well worth the two years  it took to plan.”
Peace Conference Secretary Ray King

"Its big events like this that Rotarians realise that we are a part of something much greater than just our own clubs."
Conference Master of Ceremonies John Gray

Posted by Paul J Murray on Sep 06, 2012

Eric Kronborg passed away last Friday at the Remembrance Village, Wagga Wagga aged 84 years.

Eric joined Rotary at Hay, where he farmed “Romani” near Boorooban. In 1980 Eric and his late wife, Heather, moved to Forbes where Eric continued his Rotary career and in 1983-84 was the District Governor for Rotary District 970, as it was called then.

During Eric’s year as District Governor he was responsible for Chartering two new Rotary Clubs in D970. Prior to becoming the District Governor Eric led a GSE Team to Sweden. Our current District Governor, Greg Brown, was a member of that GSE Team in 1979.

Eric had three daughters and one son, nine grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. Eric was farewelled from St John’s Church, Wagga Wagga on Wednesday, 5th September, 2012.

Posted by Paul J Murray on Aug 30, 2012

Posted by Paul J Murray on Aug 16, 2012

A farewell dinner for the GSE team traveling to Kansas in September was held at the home of Paul and Judy Cox in Orange. Almost 50 guests enjoyed a dinner prepared by Judy and the members and wives of the Rotary Club of Orange Calare. Special guests included DG Greg Brown and Lyn, PDG and GSE Chair Neal Fogarty and Barbara and AG John McKenzie and Fayah.

The Team Leader is Paul Cox (Orange Calare) with Team Members Josh Devitt (sponsored by Forbes), Angela Maynard (Bathurst Daybreak), Tim Watts (Parkes), Chantelle Montgomery (Wagga Wagga) and Kym Crawford (Wagga Wagga Kooringal).


The link for the GSE team Facebook page is!/groups/120515758090377/ .  District clubs can keep up to date with the team by become friends on Facebook.


The GSE team performed a dress rehearsal of their presentations prepared for the Rotary Clubs in Kansas. The night rounded off with a Skype hook up with Arlen Honts GSE coordinator in Wichita Kansas who looked very fresh considering it was 5:30 am in Wichita The team depart for Kansas on August 31st.

Posted by Paul J Murray on Aug 10, 2012

Fellow Rotarians

Thanks to the generous donations of Rotary Clubs and other donors, since 2009 Aquabox , a project of the Rotary Club of Eltham and a District 9790 Project, has prepared and distributed over 1100 Aquaboxes capable of producing almost 5.2 million litres of clean water to disasters victims in our region.  The water is critical to the survival of the victims who are extremely vulnerable to water born diseases such as cholera.

Currently more than 90 Aquaboxes, capable of providing over 500,000 litres of clean water, are being prepared to send to Manila.  The shipment follows an urgent request from the Rotary Club of Loyola Heights, Manila for the Aquaboxes, after monsoon rains overflowed dams and rivers crisscrossing Manila and surrounding provinces killing at least 23 people. More than 1.2 million people have been affected, including 783,000 who evacuated their homes. Foremost among the needs of the people are sources of potable water and there is severe difficulty in obtaining bottled water.  The Rotary Club of Loyola Heights distributed Aquaboxes during the 2009 floods and is again providing aid during current crisis.  The current shipment of Aquaboxes will help but they need more.

The monsoon season in the South East Asia region has commenced and there is an urgent need of more Aquaboxes, but unfortunately we have insufficient funds at this time to prepare more.

Please help !

You can obtain details on our website:  or contact me on 0419178679.  We work through local Rotary Clubs and Districts where possible to ensure the aid is distributed correctly.

Yours in Rotary,

PP Ian J. Thomas

10th August 2012

Posted by Paul J Murray on Aug 10, 2012

One of the main benefits of Rotary's public relations efforts is enhanced membership development. Educating the public about what Rotary is and what it accomplishes helps to generate interest among prospective members. Very often, a local news article about Rotary is followed by a spike in membership queries.

There is a correlation between Rotary Public Relations and Membership Development.

We talk about attracting new members and recruiting them. We talk about membership retention. And we talk about membership loss. Building membership is, of course, crucial to building Rotary. Rotary is nothing without its members and its clubs. 

The best way to strengthen our numbers isn't by focusing on our numbers -- it's by focusing on our clubs. A truly strong club is tremendously attractive. A strong club offers opportunities for friendship, fellowship, and meaningful service. It offers new connections within a community and a chance to meet like-minded friends, the kinds of friends who will still be close decades from now. The check-list may help - 

1.       Assess. Listen to each other, and find out what members want.
2.       Emphasize. Accent the social aspects of Rotary. They are the glue that binds us.
3.       Market. Don't sell your club as a product -- market it. Find out what people want, and do your best to give it to them.
4.       Induct. Bring new members into your club with dignity and class.
5.       Involve. Make the whole family part of Rotary. Don't let it be another commitment that takes members from their spouses and children.
6.       Mentor. Make sure that a seasoned Rotarian helps new members get started and stays involved for at least a year. Newcomers can get lost easily.
7.       Educate. Provide education continuously, but give a little at a time. There's a lot to learn about Rotary, and it can be overwhelming.
8.       Enthuse. Show enthusiasm openly! Rotary should be fun.

Membership comes down to one simple statement: Strong clubs lead to a strong Rotary. Without strong clubs, no amount of recruitment and retention efforts will help Rotary grow. With strong clubs, Rotary will flourish and provide another 100 years of service to humanity.

PDG Subhash Saraf, Rotary Leadership Institute

Posted by John McKenzie on Jun 26, 2012

There are three main aspects to this District 9700 Project being coordinated by Bathurst and Orange Daybreak Rotary Clubs:
  • Maintenance of the Bal Mandir Naxal Children’s Home for 250 children to the age of 18 in Kathmandu (a Rotary – Mitrataa Partnership);
  • Teacher Training Program to enhance the skills of Nepalese teachers through running week long workshops for 60 teachers in April 2012, including 20 teachers from remote Mountain areas of Nepal; and
  • Health professionals enhancing children’s disease prevention and treatment through education of house mothers’ in Dental and First Aid care.

Teacher training team & interpreters take a break in the village

A number of Rotary Clubs throughout District 9700 have donated funds and provided or promised working parties to support this RAWCS project.

This was an exciting, fantastic and at times overwhelming experience summarised by the following statements from some of those involved:
  • A belief that this ‘cause’ will make a difference through the opportunity to use my professional skills to help others.
  • To work with Rotary on an International project that is very worthwhile.
  • Absolutely daunting on the first day; Whatever I expected it was more than I expected; By the second day absolutely impressed by the sense of hope, engagement, care and responsiveness of the children and houseparents (at the orphanage)
  • The keenness of the kids in tooth brushing!
Posted by John McKenzie on Jun 13, 2012

Blayney Rotary Club has been moving its meeting venues to visit the villages in the Blayney Shire, and having already celebrated with dinners in Neville and Millthorpe, it was time to go back and learn some more of the history in the village of Carcoar.

Photo: Back (L> R) Blayney President Alex Kruczaj, Stephen Wright, Bill Burdett,
Anton Franze
Front (L>R) Sean Duong, Margie Adams, Lee-Anne Rigney
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