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Jun 12, 2012
by David Masters

 June, 2012 -  The Batavia Lions and the Student Councils of Jackson, John Kennedy and Robert Morris Elementary Schools are asking people to look through dresser drawers and closets for used eyeglasses and donate them to the  Lions Recycle For Sight  program.

See complete program details under website "Stories"

Jan 11, 2012
by John Holder
The Batavia Lions Club worked the Salvation Army Kettles at Tops Markets in December. This has been an annual Batavia Lions Club work project for 22 years during the Christmas Season.  During this year's stint at Tops, members raised $740 for the Salvation Army.
Jan 11, 2012
by John Holder
Members of the Batavia Lions Club worked with the staff of T.F. Brown's Restaurant to serve a free Christmas Dinner to 203 people on Christmas Day.  The Club also distributed nearly $1,500 worth of toys to children attending the dinner.
Jan 11, 2012
by John Holder
Members of the Batavia Lions Club delivered $1,500 worth of blankets and Tops gift cards to area residents over the past holiday season.  One recipient, who had recently lost her job, was overwhelmed by the gift and broke into tears of thanks.  
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Posted by John Murray on Jun 12, 2012

The Batavia Lions Club recently presented its annual scholarships and awards to several local students at a ceremony held at Bohn’s Restaurant.  Each spring, several graduating seniors at Batavia High School and Notre Dame High School are interviewed by a committee of Lions Club members.  Finalists from both schools are chosen by the committee to receive $1,000 scholarships.  In addition, students selected from both schools are awarded the Arthur Roth Fine Arts Award and the Bill Cook Scholar-Athlete Award.  A final award is the Batavia Lions Club Award in Communications which is presented to a Genesee Community College student in memory of two former Batavia Lions and local media legends – Paul Bostwick, the former managing editor of the Batavia Daily News and James H. Gerrety, the former News Director of WBTA.

During the high school football season each fall, members of the Batavia Lions Club man the concession stands at all BHS and Notre Dame home games to sell refreshments.  The proceeds are used exclusively for the scholarship and awards program.

This year’s Lions Club Scholarship winners were: Katarina Schmeider (GCC), the Paul Bostwick/James Gerrety Award, Ben Flumerfeldt (ND), Catherine McAllister (BHS),
Melanie Case (BHS), Aubrey Falleti (BHS), Robin Clemm (BHS), Kiarra King (ND).

This year’s Bill Cook Scholar-Athlete and Art Roth Fine Arts Awards were presented to:  Qurratul-Ain Dar, the ND Art Roth Fine Arts Award, Andrew Fischer, the ND Bill Cook Scholar-Athlete Award, Catherine McAllister, the BHS Bill Cook-Scholar-Athlete Award, and Catherine Taylor, the BHS Art Roth Fine Arts Award.

The primary mission of Lionism is best expressed in our motto, “We Serve.  The Batavia Lions Club consists of local men and women who enjoy good fellowship while working to assist their fellow Batavians to make Batavia a better community.  We currently meet on the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 6:30 PM at Bohn’s Restaurant.  For more information, please write the Membership Chairman, Batavia Lion Club, P.O. Box 456, Batavia, NY 14020, check our website  or simply speak to any club member.

The members of the Batavia Lions Club congratulate all of these fine students as well as their parents and wish them the very best in all of their endeavors.  It is comforting to know that our future rests in the very capable and talented hands of such outstanding young people.

Posted by John Murray

Several members of the Batavia Lions Club recently lent their skills to help refurbish  bicycles for use by various community organizations.  The used bikes were collected by the ARC during their weekly trash collection and also donated by the Batavia Police Department.  Many were made usable with new parts, some grease, and a simple cleaning.  

The 25 bikes were then donated to the ARC for use by their clients, the Salvation Army for distribution to community members, and the YMCA for local children in need.  The Lions wish to thank John Roche, the owner of “Adam Miller’s Toys and Bicycles” for allowing us to set up shop next to the store and providing his expertise and new parts for the bike repair project.  We hope the bikes enjoy a wonderful new life with their new owners.  
Posted by John Murray

June, 2012 - As spring cleaning gets under way, the Batavia Lions and the Student Councils of Jackson, John Kennedy and Robert Morris Elementary Schools are asking people to look through dresser drawers and closets for used eyeglasses and donate them to the “Lions Recycle For Sight” program.
During the month of May, we will be collecting used prescription eyeglasses as part of a unique recycling program. The collected glasses will be cleaned and prepared for distribution in developing countries where eye care is often unaffordable and inaccessible.  In most developing countries, an eye exam can cost as much as one month’s wages and a single eye doctor may serve a community of hundreds of thousands of people.
The donated glasses will then be shipped to a regional Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center where they will be cleaned, categorized by prescription and prepared for distribution by Lions and other groups.
To donate used glasses, please send them to school with a student and they will collected and placed in specially marked “Lions Recycle For Sight” collection boxes located in each building.
Lions clubs are a group of men and women who identify needs within the community and work together to fulfill those needs.  However, the primary work of the Lions Club is to promote healthy vision, both globally and locally.  In the Batavia area, we are involved in many projects that do just that.  We provide vision machines that enlarge print to help sight impaired individuals to read.  We have started screening preschool children from ages 1-5 for early signs of potential vision problems using new state of the art hand held digital screening machines - free of charge.  We help families pay for eye exams and glasses if they are unable to afford them.  We have provided computer programs that read aloud what is on a computer screen for individuals who cannot see the screen.  We also collect used eye glasses that are then refurbished and recycled so individuals can have the glasses they need.
The Batavia Lions Club is pleased to participate in this community service project with the students of our three city elementary schools.  We know it will help our efforts to collect used eyeglasses and are excited to give young students the opportunity to experience the satisfaction of service to others.  
Posted by David Masters

Posted by John Murray

Batavia Lions Offer Free Vision Screening for Pre-school Children at Recent YMCA “Healthy Kids Day Event”

The Batavia Lions Club were invited to participate in the YMCA’s April 28 “Healthy Kids Day Event” to offer free vision screening to pre-school aged children.  The screening is a Lions Club service provided through the Lions SEE Project and is offered by Lions Clubs throughout New York State.  It is supported by local Lions Clubs and a special grant from Lions Clubs International.
The purpose of this project is to screen pre-school aged children for vision problems that can lead to amblyopia, or what is more commonly known as “lazy eye”.   Screenings are done by trained volunteers from local Lions Clubs.  The Batavia Lions Club uses the Welch-Allen SureSight Vision Screener, a hand-held digital devise, with all results forwarded to the Lions SEE main office located at the Ira Ross Eye Institute in Buffalo.  (The volunteers do not diagnose vision problems.)   If a problem is detected, Lions SEE will contact parents through the screening sight and send a “To Do” packet to help parents seek professional help for their child.  To date, approximately 38,000 children have been screened throughout New York State.
The screening detects several conditions that lead to amblyopia such as crossed eyes, near or far sightedness, an object preventing light from entering the eye such as a cataract, a difference in vision between the eyes, and an astigmatism, or blurring in an eye.  Amblyopia is an eye condition noted by reduced vision not correctable by glasses or contact lenses and is not due to any eye disease.  When one eye is better than the other, the child will begin to stop using the weaker eye.  The brain, for some reason, does not fully acknowledge the images seen by the amblyopic eye.  This almost always affects only one eye but may manifest with reduction of vision in both eyes. It is estimated that three percent of children under six have some form of amblyopia.  
For more information about this service, please contact the Batavia Lions Club at P.O. Box 456, Batavia, NY 14020
Posted by David Masters on Feb 16, 2012

Did you ever wonder who puts up those Christmas lights on the poles in Downtown at Christmas? It is the Batavia Lions Club. If you enjoy and appreciate this project you may send your contributions to P.O. Box 456, Batavia and identify your donation for "Christmas Lighting".
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