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Dear Rotarian,

Welcome to the November issue of ClubRunner News, the online news bulletin for Rotary Clubs and Districts.

In this quarterly edition you will find the latest tips and tricks, product and industry news to help you continue to make club communication easy!
Ideas to Increase your Club's Membership

If you're a member of a struggling club with less than 20 members, you probably believe that increasing membership in your club is difficult, if not nearly impossible. Conversely, a club that is member-strong with 40 or more will likely agree that acquiring new members is a pretty simple process. In fact, many clubs in this category spend very little time promoting their club and new members just seem to keep coming! So what's the difference?  

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Join the ClubRunner Network
and Get Free Months!

ClubRunner has been working hard to continuously improve our powerful online software package to make it easier to use and provide more of the features that our users are asking for. Since you've tried ClubRunner, there have been quite a number of enhancements that will further help you organize and manage your club's data.

For a limited time, quote promo code GETCR1209 on your order form and you'll get two months free!* 

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Membership Retention Survey

Retaining existing members is vital to the success of any club. The more members you retain, the more service you are able to perform. In general, members are retained because they are satisfied with some aspect of being involved, whether that is their participation or the validation they feel after a job well done.

Surveying your members can be an integral part of your club's retention plan, and allows you to take action to prevent loss of members. 

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New Feature: Active Member Update Request

Encourage your members to login to your club site and keep their profile current. With this new feature, you can now send them a request to do so!

The Active Member Request Update feature allows you to review how recently your members' profiles were updated, and by whom. Send out an email to each member displaying their current profile details and request an update if required. In order to access this feature, you must have an access level of Club Executive (level 50) or greater. 

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Live Product Demonstrations

By popular demand, you now have the opportunity to attend one-hour training sessions to become more familiar with the various features and functions of ClubRunner.

Held on a weekly basis, choose to attend one of many live online sessions where you can learn more about how to streamline and centralize your club's communications. 

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Educate Yourself About ClubRunner

We've been working hard to make it easier for you to get the information you need to help you better acquaint yourself with ClubRunner.

Now available, watch a video, read information about product features and interact with our user group. 

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