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The Eliminate Project

It would be difficult to explain, in a few short words, why we, as American Kiwanis, should become passionate about the Eliminate Project that Kiwanis International has adopted as our next world project.
If you have a family, have seen healthy children come into this world, then you should be able to imagine the agony of watching that baby go from healthy and sweet to sick and tortured.

None of us would stand for this in our own family, much less community, therefore, we need to stand together and stop this preventable disease, called Maternal Neonatal Tetanus from taking another life.

Maternal Neonatal Tetanus is referred to as a silent killer, as it attacks children in far reaches of the world and is 100% fatal. Yet, Maternal Neonatal Tetanus is totally preventable. It takes 3 vaccines for $.60 each given to woman in childbearing years. Sounds rather simple doesn't it? Unfortunately these women are living in some of the remotest areas of the world, some in war torn countries, some just so far from cities and medical centers that they are uneducated to the clean practices of birthing and unable to become vaccinated.

UNICEF has been trying to deal with this problem, and we have decided to come to their aid and help them with the final push, to ELIMINATE this horrible disease. We have agreed to raise funds to provide these vaccines, transport them to these women, and educate them as to safe and clean birthing practices. This is merely $1.80 per woman. Sadly nearly 60,000 babies die from tetanus each year. Our goal is to raise $110M. So we need each and everyone of us to get passionate about this movement and roll our sleeves up and dig deep to raise this money and save lives.

Thank you for taking time to read this article, watch for updates during the year.

Official Eliminate Project Website

Sara Schnell

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