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Event Reminders or Simple Calendar
Jeff Bathurst
We are attempting to consolidate all of our club communications in ClubRunner but there are some features that we really miss. We used a site called GroupLoop that let us create calendar entries for regular meetings or special events. The site would automatically send out a reminder to all members a day or two before the event or meeting. Is there a similar feature planned for the new version of CR. I apologize if this feature exists and I've just missed it. Cheers.
Steven Nuñez
That's something I have been looking for as well.
ClubRunner Support
Hello Jeff and Steven,

Thank you for posting on our Community website.

The suggestion mentioned in your posting about having Event and Meeting reminders is something that we are considering to have added in the future to ClubRunner.

Please note, we are always making changes to ClubRunner and are receptive to suggestions. Due to the volume of requests we receive, we can't guarantee when or whether they will be done. They are implemented according to priority.

For general FAQ’s or instructions on how to use our software, please visit: If you require additional assistance, please contact our support team by email at [email protected]


ClubRunner Support
Martha Weaver
Automated reminders are also something our club needs.
Kathyann Reginato
I agree.automated reminders would be great.
Rotary Club of Calgary South

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