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Upcoming Events


It's PETS season and we're looking forward to meeting you! If you or a member of your club is planning to

attend, drop by our booth or attend a session so you can learn about all of our new features and enhancements.        

Learn more about what's new with ClubRunner, meet fellow ClubRunner users and join us for have your questions regarding ClubRunner answered. Look out for our booth at the following: 

Heartland PETS

Zone Institute 33-34

Zone Institute 30-31

Zone Institute 24-32

Zone Institute 25-26

Zone Institute 28-29

Zone Institute 21b-27

April 4-6, 2013

Sept 5-8, 2013

Sept 18-22, 2013

Sept 19-21, 2013

Sept 26-29, 2013

Oct 3-5, 2013

Dec 12-15, 2013



Rotary International Convention:


June 23-26, 2013 - Lisbon, Portugal
Booth #: 1712


For regular updates about ClubRunner's presence at events, follow us on twitter, facebook or visit our blog!

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