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July 01, 2010
Now Available...Switch Your Site to ClubRunner 2.0!

You've been waiting patiently for this, and it's finally here, ClubRunner 2.0 is now available on production. You can now migrate your website to the new Website Designer 2.0 template at the press of a button. If you have been building your new site layout under Beta, you can now publish your new site by clicking on "Switch to New Version" under the main page of Website Designer. If you haven't yet played with Website Designer, you can get started now in 4 easy steps. Simply login to your site, click on Website Designer 2.0, and follow the 4 easy steps to design your layout, decide on the widgets to display, customize your banner, and select your preferred theme. Once you have previewed your new site and are happy with it, click on "Switch to New Version" to publish the new page. All your existing content in stories, news, events and even site pages will seamlessly transition to your new template. Get started today and start the year with a complete website makeover!

Along with a brand new website, your switch to ClubRunner 2.0 will move your club entirely to the new version of the administration section. An intuitive ribbon menu navigation makes it easier to access all the modules you need within 2 clicks. However, you can still find your familiar Admin page under the first tab.

ClubRunner 2.0 brings many exciting upgrades and enhancements to the features you are used to, including easier uploading of YouTube videos, an improved HTML editor that is compatible with many more browsers, a shared image library that makes posting commonly used graphics much easier, a multiple file upload capability on the photo albums, folder structures within the Documents Download section, and more.

ClubRunner 2.0 is now also fully multilingual, and is available now in French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and German. To get your preferred language translated, contact us regarding our translation project and how your club can participate.