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ClubRunner for Districts

Improve communication, organization and efficiency within your District today

  • Centralize Club and Member Information on a Single Database
  • Robust Database to keep track of all clubs and their membership information
  • Manage executive and director lists for automatic display onto your website
  • Generate an online directory automatically from database
  • Allow each club to log in and manage their own data independently (without need for their own ClubRunner subscription)
  • Allow each club to have their own webpage to manage and update
  • Keep track of attendance per club and allow monthly reporting
  • Track all changes on database and produce reports such as New Members Added
  • Automatic reporting to the RI Database to eliminate duplicate data entry

Benefits for Districts

Improve Communication with an integrated database

Publish all important information online through public and members only pages, giving everyone access to what they need. Allow clubs to communicate easily with the district and each other.

Save Valuable time and money with online directories

  • Reduce costs of administration, postage, and telecom
  • Online District eDirectories slashes your printing budget
  • Give authorized access to edit and search for information
  • Provide clubs with autonomy and the ability to directly post their own updates

Improve your district image and availability of information

Create a professional online presence with the optional Website Module, organize your district's information and keep current and prospective members well informed. Already have a website? Contrary to popular belief, you can integrate ClubRunner's powerful database into your pre-built website and still profit from all the features offered in ClubRunner's District product.
The district version gives you the ability to have:


What's New?

We're constantly taking all the user suggestions we receive and implementing them into our system. As such, we're proud to release our latest update to our District Version, which includes many improvements and new features. We like to call it District Version 2.2! Read more about the latest updates by clicking here.
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