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Service clubs everywhere are serving a great cause - whether for leisure or for humanitarian reasons. The hard work and dedication of their members have contributed to the great success of service clubs all over the world. But these dedicated members still find themselves spending hours administering club activities, often repeating the same work with each event. Time that is much better spent contributing in a meaningful way. In addition membership retention and acquisition becomes difficult to perform when the tools in use limit the club to broadening awareness within the community.

Clubs all over the world are facing challenges in building membership, especially with the younger generation, the future leaders of community service. ClubRunner is simply a tool that helps dedicated people do their job more efficiently and use their valuable time more wisely by streamlining common processes, and centralizing information so that it is at the reach of every single member.

ClubRunner can help you with your priorities:

Improve your Club Image

ClubRunner helps clubs develop and improve their image both to existing and new members. A friends list enables you to stay in touch with speakers, visitors and leaders of the community, and send them the club eBulletin in a personalized format.

The new members program is designed to ensure that all new members will receive the attention and help necessary for building effective membership. The easy and professional online registration offered by Event Planner for events will make every member and friend proud to be part of the club team.

The communication facilities offered by Message Center allows the club to reach out to all its members and prospective members, boosting the club's image and offering powerful tools and information to all members of the club.

Finally, the Website Manager gives the club an online presence where they can instill even further their commitments, accomplishments and objectives to the public. With our most recent expansion, ClubRunner includes access to the Website Designer which gives you the capabilities to design your own website without a single line of HTML code!


Membership Growth and Retention

ClubRunner provides club executives with very powerful tools to improve membership retention and growth, a challenge facing many clubs today.

A proper induction process is very important to ensure that new members are fully aware of the club objectives, and can effectively increase new members' contribution to the club. In this respect, the membership chair can create a customized induction process for each member and assign tasks related to introduction and orientation to specific experienced members of the club.

Once the induction plan is defined in ClubRunner, the members responsible for each task are reminded in each customized eBulletin. When the task is completed, it is marked as completed, with the date, and will remain on the system until removed by the membership chair.

Friends and speakers and anyone else in contact with the club can be added as "Friends of the Club". Friends automatically receive the club eBulletin, personalized with the name of the friend and a reference to the member who added him or her to the distribution list. Friends also receive information and invitations related to club events, thus encouraging them to get involved with the club, and become potential members. A friend can always be removed from the system at their request.

ClubRunner also maintains profiles on ex-members, exchange students, and honorary members. These people receive the eBulletin and other club communication to keep them aware of club happenings and encourage them to remain involved.


ClubRunner will allow members, executives, directors, committee and events chairs to communicate effectively with members and friends within their own club, and to executives of other associated clubs and district chairs.

ClubRunner Message Center will maintain a centralized, up-to-date list of executives and their emails. When executives change, the system will automatically redirect communication to the new person.

Two-level circulation means that any message sent to a club president that deems it relevant to the club can be forwarded to the rest of the club members with one click. This makes it easier for club presidents to keep their members knowledgeable of vital information and community events.

When several clubs in a district join ClubRunner, they are automatically able to send each other important announcements, event invitations, and even allow each other to volunteer or register online.

The eBulletin is the best way to communicate to members and non-members and keep them aware of club activities and accomplishments. The eBulletin is generated quickly and easily online, and the distribution list is stored safely on ClubRunner. It is sent as a simple HTML email, without the need to attach documents or link to a webpage. The eBulletin also includes a reminder for all members of events they have registered for.

This makes it effortless for the recipient to read about the latest club news, and if there is an item of specific interest, a link to the club website makes it possible to find out more. The eBulletin can be printed through the browser to be faxed or mailed to any members without an email account.

Web Presence

Maintaining web presence has been a challenging task for many clubs. Failure to keep an up to date website in the past may discourage some clubs from investing in good web presence. This challenge has now been met by Website Manager, a complete content management tool that lets anyone with minimal computer experience to edit the club website.

Your club website should be designed specifically to inform both your current members, as well as offer enough information for potential members to keep an interest in your club.

Despite the fact that the site is very easily maintained, a very sophisticated presence is delivered including homepage stories and news, online journals and photo albums for exchange students and committees, links to your eBulletin, speaker program, and other relevant information.

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