Every ClubRunner subscription comes with a powerful suite of features to improve productivity and streamline processes.

Website Designer

ClubRunner's Content Management System has been geared around the way service organizations operate. Separate sections for managing speakers, news, meeting information, events and programs make it easy for different members to participate in publishing updates to the website. Design and personalize your website, in your own language, to suit your unique style with the easiest and most intuitive designer yet!
Best of all, there's no need to know a technical background to maintain your website! Though, if you are familiar with CSS, upload your own stylesheet to further fine-tune and customize your site. ClubRunner's Website Designer includes:
  • Multiple themes, templates and layouts
  • Customizable banners and footers
  • Drop down navigation menus
  • Support for videos, images and flash media
  • Unlimited number of additional site pages
  • Downloadable documents such as PDF, Word and Excel
  • Integration with social media
  • and much more.

Integrate with Social Media

Integrating social media into your web strategy has never been easier. Using the widget selector, simply drag and drop social media plug-ins such as Facebook onto your homepage. We make it easy for people to share your club news with friends through social media channels and automatically include share icons throughout your site, making your club one-click away from being promoted to the world! 

No Technical Expertise Required

Already have a website?

Not a problem! Incorporate our powerful database into your own website with the ClubRunner Admin Only solution.
We hide away all technical aspects related to web design, layout and content, which means there is no need to have a technical background to maintain website. Our design tools allow you to focus instead on your content and message. Post pictures, add videos and customize your website with just a few clicks. Familiar with CSS? Upload your own stylesheet to fine-tune your website further!

Photo Albums

A picture is worth a thousand words! Sharing photos is a great way to encourage club fellowship and showcase your accomplishments to the world. Any member with authorization can post pictures to your website without requiring the necessary technical and design skills. Simply assign members to photo albums and allow them to upload photos directly!

Image and Media Library

ClubRunner handles all technical aspects of image compression and resizing and publishes your album in a professional online gallery, complete with captions and a slideshow option. Upload images and flash files to your media library for reuse in multiple stories, or choose from the extensive selection of Rotary images already made available to you.  Easily link to any photo album within your stories, news, events and custom pages.  

Member Directory

Member Directory
Finding your member contact information has never been simpler. The Member Directory stores all membership information in a collection of profiles. Each profile includes ample contact information such as email, home and work numbers, mailing address, spouse information and much more.

Member Designations

You can even add up to 30 additional custom fields to further define your member directory. Track and maintain member designations to better identify and recognize default labels, generate and build your own printable directories, and even keep your member records accurate with the member update request feature.
Rotary specific fields are already built into the system, including designations such as Paul Harris Fellow, Past Presidents, etc., so you can easily keep track and maintain titles to better identify and recognize accomplishments and titles. 

Secure Online Directories

Members can browse through a photo directory to look up member details. The Photo Organization Chart even displays your member designations with special icons for the various titles and presents all the information in business card form.
Districts can use the Photo Organization chart or if they prefer a standard list view, can opt for the District Organization Chart to display all the District committees and district executives and officer information, complete with their club meeting details, directors and executives listing and even a link to their recent bulletin. The secure built-in contact form allows visitors to contact the listed executives and directors directly without revealing personal email addresses. 

RI Integration

On November 1, 2010, ClubRunner became the first vendor to have integrated its databases with Rotary International and thus became the first software provider to offer this service. We're proud to be leading the way with this revolutionary feature! The RI Integration feature not only syncs member data to Rotary International's database, but also syncs club information such as meeting place and time as well as club executive and officer changes - synchronizations that are only available through the ClubRunner platform!
To view a full listing of all the types of synchronizations available within the RI Integration module offered by ClubRunner, please click here.

Featuring Compare & Synchronize

The Compare & Synchronize feature within this function will allow you to compare your member data information as it appears on ClubRunner with what is available in Rotary Internationals' Member Access, giving you the option to push your member information directly from ClubRunner to Rotary International or pull your information from Member Access to populate your ClubRunner profile. Therefore, if you notice a member's profile was inconsistent between ClubRunner and RI, you can simply push or pull the specific field data between ClubRunner and RI. This will allow you to clean up any data that was inconsistent before integration was enabled.

Customized Reports & Directories

Build and customize your own reports or choose from one of the many built-in reports available to you. Design your own report by choosing the format, layout and data fields. This allows you to include only the most relevant information for your club executives, directors and officers.
Not only can you build your own but you can run a variety of targeted reports capturing only the information you need. Additionally, export all reports into a format of your choice and save them for your records.
Built-in reports include:
  • eDirectory Report Builder
  • Club/District Dashboard
  • Years of Service Report
  • Age Distribution Report
  • Gender Distribution Report
  • Birthdays and Anniversaries Report
  • Member Data Report
  • Rule of 85 Report
Other built-in reports include: login activity, photo organization, committees, RI Integration sync, missing email addresses, and much more!

Committee Management

Have a dedicated section to organize and manage your committee lists and information. All members, chairs and secretaries can be identified and listed and even have their own directory listing.
With this module, you can:
  • Create and view all yearly and standing committees along with their corresponding chairpersons
  • Generate a directory listing of all members within a specified committee by year
  • Run reports to see member participation history or members that are not part of any committee
The Enhanced Committees module is a premium (add-on) module for clubs that gives you more functionality and structure to centralize committee and sub-committee listings, documents and emails. Foster communication within your committees by allowing members to share documents privately. Email members of your committee or sub-committees to keep all communication in one place.
  • Post documents and set their security levels to be visible by committee members only
  • Create and send targeted emails to committee and sub-committee members
  • Create multiple levels of sub-committees
The Enhanced Committees module is included in the standard package for Districts.
Read more about the Committees module 

Email Message Center

ClubRunner's Email Message Center feature uses a sophisticated engine that ensures your emails are professional, reliable and reach all intended recipients using a centralized, up-to-date distribution list so you can communicate with active members or create your own custom groups to contact prospective members, donors, sponsors, past alumni, etc. Distribute attachments with your message or easily link to files available on your website.

Custom Distribution Lists and Mail Merge Fields

We maintain a centralized, up-to-date list of all groups and email addresses which means you never will have to juggle names and email addresses, and if a member changes their email address, all lists would be updated automatically.

Further customize your emails with personalized greetings and key information by inserting mail merge tags such as first name, last name, club name, etc. Send the same message regularly? Save it as a template and allow any authorized member to resend it with just a few clicks! Even schedule the time and date you want your message sent. AutoSave ensures you never have to worry about losing your drafts.


The eBulletin is an effective tool in meeting the challenge of public relations, membership growth and retention. With a few simple steps, your stories and pictures are assembled automatically into a professional newsletter, which you can email, print or share electronically with members and contacts.
Choose from the various themes and layout options and simply add your articles using our easy-to-use editor. Integrated with your website's content, adding stories, events, announcements and speakers to your bulletin is as simple as selecting a checkbox.  
Each eBulletin includes a personalized Commitments section at the bottom of each member's email, which contains reminders for all event registrations, weekly meeting responsibilities, volunteer sign-ups and more.

Bulletin Threads and Archiving

Create separate groups and editions of your eBulletin, each tailored with their own design and content for your members, prospective members, friends of the club and other contacts. Archive your bulletins for safe-keeping.


Event Calendar and Planner

Create, email and publicize your events effortlessly! In fact adding an event to your calendar is just the beginning. A listing of all upcoming events automatically appears in your eBulletin and on your website, linking back to the detailed event page, making event publicity simple.  Email your event invitations to all members and friends using our built-in templates or easily create your own invitation.

Registering Attendees Online

Club as well as non-club members can register online for your event or decline with a click of a button, no password required and will automatically receive a confirmation email highlighting their choice right away. They can even register guests and include comments and can view a reminder of their upcoming events in their copy of the eBulletin.

Volunteers Management

The Volunteers module gives you the ability to build your own signup lists for virtually any scenario where you need to coordinate people in various commitments organized by time, day, task or group. Create detailed signup lists and further define groups, tasks and time slots. Even register both club members and the public to help with your events.
Great for event shifts, volunteers, committee signups or anything involving a schedule!
Read more about the Volunteers module



MyEventRunner is a powerful do-it-yourself online registration form designer that allows you to build your own registration forms with custom fields and options. Accept online registrations from your members and the general public and eliminate paper registrations!
Integrated with the Online Payment & eCommerce module, you can choose to process payments right away by credit card.

Flexible Registration Forms

MyEventRunner Pro is a more advanced form builder that offers custom fields, questionnaires, multiple options for registrants to choose from, and advanced features such as early bird pricing and promo codes. Use MyEventRunner for event tickets, auctions, tournaments, fundraiser sales, district conferences, assemblies, PETS registrations and more!
Read more about the MyEventRunner module


Online Payment & eCommerce

Already integrated with the Dues & Billing Module and MyEventRunner™ for event registrations, this premium (add-on) module has everything you need to process payments online from members and the public, including your own merchant account and integration with a gateway. You can choose when and where you wish to allow online payments, or just use the Virtual Terminal to process transactions manually. Prefer to get a card swiper for instant payments? Not a problem! All funds are deposited immediately into your bank account, and your reports on ClubRunner will automatically link payments with members and event registrations to see who paid how much right on ClubRunner, meaning you no longer have to spend hours consolidating with bank statements!
Concerned with security of processing credit cards online? We made sure to comply with PCI standards to ensure that your transaction data is secure. All forms that handle credit card information and related confidential information are SSL encrypted and certified. We never store or retain your credit card information on any of our servers - transactions are all performed in real time through our certified payment processors.
For more information about the Online Payment & eCommerce module, please click on your country flag.


Dues and Billing

Quickly and easily create professional invoices for member dues and other billables, such as meetings, event fees, meals, donations and more.

Generate and Send Detailed Invoices

Simply specify detailed items for charges and credits and apply to selected recipients with just one click. Override quantities and amounts by member, preview individual invoices, and generate all invoices at once. Email or pint invoices and statements with one click for effortless distribution. 
Individual members can also securely access their own billing account statements and invoices.

Track and Stay on Top of Member Dues with Detailed Reports

Track all payments made by members either manually or online. Enter debit or credit adjustments, generate account statements and email detailed account history to all members. Generate debit and credit reports with start and end balances for each month and export it to Excel easily.
Member Debit and Credit Report

Collect Payments by Credit Card

Want to allow your members to pay their bills online? With the Online Payment and eCommerce Module, get setup with a pre-integrated merchant account for your club. Bills you send out by email will then contain a link to allow members to pay any amount online, or members can log in anytime and pay online through their billing account statement page. All payments get deposited directly to your club's bank account, and unique confirmation IDs are tracked on your account history so there is no need to consolidate payments.

Quickbooks Integration

ClubRunner is integrated with both the online and desktop versions of Quickbooks. Send your invoices, collect payments and then upload your statements directly to Quickbooks. Easily keep track of your financial records and save time consolidating records!

Attendance Manager

Manage meeting administration and attendance reporting securely. Add your meetings and check off the members who attended.

Attendance Reporting & Statistics

Various reports such as Year-to-Date, Semi-Annual and Month-End percentages do all the calculations for you, including handling make-ups, leaves of absence and exemptions. Report your month-end figures to your District in just one click.

Printable attendance sheets make it easy to record each meeting's attendees and can be used to identify each member's payment method, report cash collected for meals and other proceeds as well as a reconciliation of cash. 

Barcode Scanner

Struggling with manual data entry to keep track of attendance? The Barcode Scanner module is a premium (add-on) feature which allows you to scan barcodes for your members and upload the information directly to your site. Integrated with the Attendance Manager, it will keep all your data on site so you can keep track of attendance using the built-in reporting.

Print Barcode Labels Directly from Your Printer

The Barcode Scanner module also prints your barcode labels for you! Simply choose the members from your list and a merged report containing the barcodes and names will be created within Word. Insert a standard Avery label sheet into your printer and you're set!
Read more about the Barcode Scanner module 


District Version

We know it's not as simple as setting up a new website or platform and sitting back, which is why we partner with your District in maximizing your adoption rate and success by taking a lead in training, education and best practices. We've been there for hundreds of Districts and and know what it takes to have a successful implementation.

The ClubRunner Advantage

Keep your District records up to date with minimal effort. When clubs update their information on their own site, these changes reflect instantly on the District database, therefore reducing the administrative workload on members and maximizing your success rate.
In use by over 55% of Districts in North America alone, ClubRunner's District Version is a complete online package of powerful software, all designed to provide you with the ability to facilitate communication, organize events and volunteers, publish a website, and manage your District database to ultimately help you run your district more efficiently.
Automatically populated from the database, ClubRunner also includes club pages that show officer information, meeting location, plus any additional pages the club wants to maintain!
Read more about ClubRunner's District Version

Assistant Governor's Module

As part of the District Organization chart, this module gives AG's insight to all the activities for their designated clubs. AG's can view and edit their own clubs' executives, club information pages, create and manage their committees, access club growth reports, and use a tailored email message service to email members, executives and directors of their own clubs only, as well as District officers.

Grants Management Module

Allow clubs in the district to apply online for Grants, and for Grant Committee members to login and review all active and archived Grants. The approval process includes a workflow that allows the District to either approve a grant, or request further information, with as much collaboration as needed. Documents and other files, budgets and payment breakdowns, as well as a District cash flow summary are all tracked. Information changes are logged, and an audit log allows the committee to see the lifecycle of a particular grant. This premium (add-on) module for Rotary Districts allows for:
  • Document storage and archiving
  • Managing qualifications by club and member
  • Full tracking of expected expenses and income
  • Activity logs
  • Printer friendly application report
  • Customizable help screens
  • Financial summary and cash flow
  • and much more.
Read more about the Grants module
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