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Make the most of ClubRunner with our value-add services and training.

Training & Customer Support

At ClubRunner, we remain committed to helping you make the most out of your service. There are numerous training resources available to you in. Best of all? They are all available to you at no additional cost:

If you’d like more help along the way in learning how to take your club to the next level, our ClubRunner Coach service is available at every step. Expand and improve your use of ClubRunner and drive even better results!


ClubRunner Coach Services

Whether you need assistance with design work, data transfer, website management or more, your dedicated ClubRunner Coach can help get the most out of ClubRunner. Contact us for pricing for any of the services listed below.
  • Jump Start Program

New to ClubRunner and require customized assistance getting setup? Our Jump Start Program combines the Data Transfer, Website & Data Quality Management and the Design & Creative services, listed below to make your move to ClubRunner easy. Everything is taken care for you!


  • Data Transfer Services

If you would like help transferring content from your current website to your new ClubRunner website, your search is over! We'll pair you with your ClubRunner Coach who will take care of transferring all the data into your new site and will even help design your ClubRunner site with your new content in place. Contact us for more information.

  • Website & Data Quality Management

Your ClubRunner Coach will go through your entire website and system to ensure data integrity, a cleanup of all loose ends and an up-to-date review of all your content. Along the way, they will provide you with feedback on the design and overall look of the website, such that it meets the standard guidelines of an effective site. For those that want to integrate data with ongoing services or applications, we will also be able to help you achieve this.

  • Design & Creative

Based on your requirements, you can have a ClubRunner Coach design and build your website, complete with graphics and content. We'll take your ideas and bring them to life on your new website! The Design and Creative Coach can create email templates, custom widgets, banners, graphics, logos, and more. Already a customer but want to refresh the look of your site? Consider having our Design & Creative team work with you.


  • Dedicated Technical Support - Your Own Coach Program

Want to have a technical expert dedicated to your needs? We offer various dedicated support levels that can help you gain peace of mind that someone is always managing your technical requirements.

  • Event Management

Launching a large event? Or need help with ongoing volunteering and fundraising programs? Have your ClubRunner Coach help you manage your contacts, event details and provide a stellar registration experience!

For more information on any of the services listed above, or to inquire about a specific need, contact our team.


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