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Barcode Scanner Module

Barcode Scanner Module makes attendance tracking easier

Struggling with manual data entry for your weekly attendance? Now available as an add-on feature from ClubRunner, the Barcode Scanner Module combined with your ClubRunner website allows you to scan barcodes for your members and uploads the information directly to your site. Integrating with your Attendance Manager, it will keep all your data on your site so you can continue to run your reports as usual.  


Barcode Scanner Module 2.0 is now available. This new version is web-based software, so you can access it from wherever you are. Click here for more information.

Portability and Convenience     

The Barcode Scanner Module uses the CS3000, a small scanning device, about the size of a pager. Because it's portable and cordless, you don't need to set up a computer or have Internet connection at your meeting venue. Simply bring along the handheld scanner, scan your member badges then take the device back to your office and download to your computer. With ClubRunner's integrated barcode module, your attendance will get uploaded to your website and integrate with your existing records and reports.

Print barcode labels directly from your printer

ClubRunner's Barcode Manager will also print your barcode labels for you! Simply choose the members from your list, and a merged report containing the barcodes and names will be created within Word. Insert the standard Avery label sheets into your printer and you're all set! The Barcode Manager can also work with premade barcode labels if this is preferred.

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