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"ClubRunner is one of the easiest turnkey websites I have ever used. As the publicity chair of the Rotary Club of Brampton, I use ClubRunner as an internal communication tool and as a launching pad for community reporting. It has forced our club to consider a whole new approach to communications, both internal and external.

Previously, like many clubs, we had a Spinner (hard copy weekly newsletter) committee, a monthly internal e-mail newsletter committee and a public relations committee for external club communication. After spending a few weeks getting to understand ClubRunner’s many tools, we are about to restructure our club under one communication’s committee.

ClubRunner is not only an easy-to-use website, it provides tools to send a weekly newsletter to all members, a club email service for special announcements and a forum for discussion on club-related issues.

Members have access to information about other members as well as current information about the club including up-coming speakers and special events. They can register online for club-sponsored events, even indicating a commitment to help out. There is an opportunity to assign specific roles for each meeting, track attendance and even track money and dues.

There aspects of this unique communications tool we have yet to explore. I would recommend it highly to clubs in our district as a solution to all your communication needs."
Stephen R.
Rotary Club of Brampton
"ClubRunner is so easy for someone with little computer experience or HTML knowledge, to create an interesting and informative site quickly.  It also allows each Club to make their site unique and keep it current by updating or changing the information when required.  I especially like the ebulletin, which  is a great component to contact all members with a personalized Bulletin to highlight and quickly distributing the latest club news and announcements."
Susan H.
Rotary Club of Oakville North
"ClubRunner has made the production of our weekly bulletin a much easier affair. Once the few simple coding requirements are learned, I can complete the job in about an hour."
Gerald J.
Rotary Club of Mississauga City Centre
"I am TOTALLY in LOVE with ClubRunner. I have used it lots already!!! It is a wonderful tool for us!

I added two photo albums yesterday. It takes a little while to do just because the upload takes a few seconds, but once I figured it out, it is not hard at all.


Katie Chandler
Jackson-Old Hickory Rotary Club, TN
"Suburban Rotary is a very active club with nearly 200 members and several events and activities going on at all times. Now members can quickly find out what is going on, register for events, and easily get contact information for other members. It has been a wonderful tool for our club!

It has drastically reduced the amount of time I spend on activities such as tracking attendance and generating a newsletter. This frees up my time to help our club focus on important things such as helping committees reach their goals, recruiting new members, and keeping members informed.

Also, ClubRunner has top-notch customer support. They are friendly and helpful and have worked with me to resolve issues and provide training. Quite frankly, they have some of the best customer service and technical support I've ever experienced.

We love ClubRunner!"
Jennifer Jirak-Brungardt
Executive Director
Suburban Rotary Club of Omaha, NE
"Just wanted to let you know how much our club likes ClubRunner. It has revolutionized the way that we attract prospects and communicate with current members. Since we launched the website, every weekly speaker and every guest has mentioned that our website is really good.

Thanks to ClubRunner!"
Membership Director
Rotary Club of Boston, MA
"One of the things that impresses me is the ClubRunner support. When I have problems, my calls are answered promptly by tech support and my questions are answered by someone who cares about my problems."
Club Treasurer 2009-2010
Rotary Club of Marshall, TX
“Whether you are new to ClubRunner as I am or an experienced user there are times when you could use a little help in navigating its many features. That help is what impresses me! I recently had a problem which I could not resolve with my own resources and tried ClubRunner Support - the response was blazing fast. It took three attempts for me to properly convey what I needed, yet every time the response was swift, patient and courteous.

I am glad I tried ClubRunner Support and certainly know where to go in the future for help.”
Club Secretary 2006-2007
Rotary Club of Grand Cayman - Sunrise
“ClubRunner is affordable and geared toward people with moderate computer skills who want to improve club communications at an affordable cost. The best part is the support. No one at ClubRunner makes you feel that a question is foolish, and they even solve problems for you if they can. I have sent a copy of our weekly ebulletin to all of the District staff. They know what we are doing, and we are truly "leading the way" in creating a more informed club.

The links are wonderful. With the push of a button, you can make up on line, contact our local Chamber of Commerce, or connect to Rotary International. We were even able to download our new constitution without having to mail it to everyone.

This will probably be the most outstanding change of my Presidency! We get nothing but compliments from everyone.”
President 2006-2007
Rotary Club of Peachtree City, Georgia
“I can't tell you how much I like using ClubRunner. We have been using ClubRunner in our club for a year and it is so much more than a web site. It truly has improved communication with our club members and with the District. It is very easy to use and you can begin to distribute tasks to other club members so the task of "resident computer geek" gets spread out a bit. Frankly, our club couldn't do without ClubRunner at this point.

I could not have imagined what a difference using your product would make and, a year later, I cannot imagine how we could do without it!”
Rotary Club of Palatka, FL
District 6970
“I want to tell you how easy the website is to learn. I was showed a few steps from a past Secretary and on my own in about 30-45 minutes was able to easily understand and update our site. The tool is fantastic and very professional. Thank you for a great product!”
Brian Devaney,
Rotary Club of Corpus Christi Evening, TX
“Our club has been very pleased with the ClubRunner system. It has simplified our record keeping and centralized records so that they are available to those who need them. It has also decentralized communication, eliminating the previous bottlenecks in the newsletter, website, and routine announcements. Information no longer has to be funneled through one computer person, but rather can be shared readily whenever needed. Best of all, it has simplified the task of maintaining a credible and impressive public personna for the club through the website and the newsletter. After just two months, we could not imagine going back to the old system.”
Mike Raulin,
Rotary Club of Canfield, OH
"Just a quick note to tell you how user-friendly the ClubRunner Rotary website is to set up and maintain. Yes, you told me it would be but I must admit I was apprehensive. It's great to be able to have all of our club's information in one place. Your support was the best. Every time I hit a wall, your team guided me through in easy steps."
Barbara LaSpesa,
Rotary Club of Chicago-O'Hare
"ClubRunner is extremely user friendly and easy to use. I am Director of Club Service and ClubRunner has made my job more efficient in many ways...including invitations for special functions, providing the latest updates on speakers and duties, links to key sites, etc."
Doug Butler,
Rotary Club of Collingwood, ON

Rotary Clubrunner Software is nothing short of phenomenal. As a Rotarian for over twenty-three years, who has been a secretary, president, and treasurer twice; I wholeheartedly endorse this wonderful tool, that make a Rotary Club more effective. Whoever took the time to create this programming, must have known Rotary inside and out, and have had to have served in club administration.

This product is nothing short of miraculous when it comes to reporting attendance to the district, and getting people to sign up to serve on events that the club runs. The software cost is relatively low, and it pays for itself the first year, in that the bulletins are far superior and easier to edit than regular "Paper type" bulletins, versus emailed bulletins. I am on club extension, and I do not know what I would do in starting new clubs, without ClubRunner.

Every club event, district event is listed right before the membership, and all articles by members, working on any of the four avenues of service, are on the website. Best of all every club member can print out an up to date club members list all the time. ClubRunner makes club and district communications 100% stronger. When a club posts an event that it is running, it automatically gets posted to the district ClubRunner website.

I simply wish they had this software back when I was first a president. I could go on and on and on, all I can say is that the administrative section, beneath what you see when you click on a club's website is the essence of carefully thought through management. No Rotary club should be without this product.

Trust me, I am no computer geek, anyone can do this.

Yours in Rotary Service,"
Robert W. Nathan, District 7260,
Rotary Club of Islip, NY
"I'm blown away. This is awesome!! I've been all over the site and it works flawlessly. I'm really impressed. This is so cool! You're not charging near enough! Needless to say, I like this pretty well. Tell everyone who worked on this that it is really appreciated.

I've been doing this job of Rotary Club Secretary since before personal computers...more than 30 years. My first database was on a Radio Shack TR-80 and I've progressed from there, using a combination of programs to handle the task of a 150+ member club. I could never retire from this job because it has been impossible to hand it over to someone else who could figure it all out.

Now, it's not just me anymore. Other club members have the opportunity to get involved with the web site and my job of continually updating everything and running reports and labels for everyone will soon be a thing of the past. I will no longer be the only one who has access to the club statistics and information and that is a good thing. I think lasic eye surgery and ClubRunner are two of the most helpful events in my lifetime. Thanks, and I look forward to a long and continuing relationship."
Carl Brock,
Rotary Club of Greenwood, South Carolina
"Hi guys,

This is the first time I've maneuvered through ClubRunner. I thought I'd tell you that I think it looks great and is very well constructed. I really like it.

Keep up the great work!"
Terry Gates,
Rotary Club of Collingwood, ON
"We are very happy with ClubRunner. Our club loves its website. The most popular feature at the moment is the E-Bulletin.

ClubRunner has the right idea! Instead of asking how clubs can adapt to make use of the latest technology, ClubRunner has taken the latest technology and adapted it to the way a club works and needs to communicate. ClubRunner is a natural fit for our club's needs.

ClubRunner gets the information and tools we need right to our members fingertips. Communication is easier than ever before. ClubRunner is a big time saver! A flexible, easy to use, yet powerful turn-key solution.

Our club members speak highly of the website, and we will recommend your service to other clubs we speak to."
Justin Rosen,
Rotary Club of St. Martin Sunrise, Netherlands Antilles
"ClubRunner is fantastic... we struggled for years to get "on-line" and what you have engineered makes it so easy for us to communicate with members as well as with our local community. Well done!"
Bob A.
North Delta Rotary, BC
"We have found your website to be very informational and user friendly. The communication has improved by 110%. In this society of busy schedules with jobs and family it is a great center stone that everyone can access. We would like to subscribe for the next year."
Rob Rolfes
Rotary Club of Cedar Rapids Sunrise, Iowa

I have been a member for 32 years & think this will be the best thing ever done for Club fellowship. The size of our club & members sitting at the same tables every week make it difficult to integrate new members - this enables ALL members to put a face with a name and learn about every member in our club. GREAT JOB."
Bob W.
Rotary Club of Belleair, Florida
"Just a note to tell you how much we at The Hawk's Prairie Rotary Club in Lacey, WA appreciate your work! This site is extremely user friendly, and once you get the core information in, and you get all of your members to login it is a very powerful tool to use to bring unity to your club!

Thank you for your effort, and keep up the great work! Every Rotary Club (or any fraternal, civic, or private organization) could really benefit from a communication device such at this!"
Greg Stevens, Club Service Director
Hawk's Prairie Rotary Club
"ClubRunner has been a wonderful tool for our Club communications.  The system is all set up, it is efficient, professional and complete.  I'm loving it!  Thank you!
Sue Tomte, President
Rotary Club of Park Rapids
"As Secretary of the Rotary Club of Bracebridge, I would like it to go on the record that, with due patience and obvious expertise, you personally, carefully guided me through problems that I was experiencing in trying to add the minutes of a Directors Meeting to our Club web page, for all members to access.

Your patience over the two days involved - with e-mails, a phone conversation and then more e-mails - is a great credit to you and your ClubRunner organization. With my 80th birthday arriving next year and with my computer experience only going back 7 or 8 years, I really appreciated the manner in which you led me through the required procedures so that finally, I understood how to successfully complete the task. Again very many thanks."
Arthur Richardson, Secretary
Rotary Club of Bracebridge
"Thank you for helping Rotary.

I thought you might like to know how pleased we are with ClubRunner. Our club has had an outstanding weekly bulletin and a website for several years. We have tried to ensure that the information appearing in both is non-contradictory and that both have the same brand appearance. Distribution of the bulletin was mostly by email. One disadvantage of both the bulletin and the website was that we were using outside help to produce and distribute, and so did not feel we always had control of deadlines.

Six months ago, our club began investigating ClubRunner. One advantage was immediately apparent; we could do both the website and the bulletin by ourselves! With some "handholding" by our District 5370 webmaster, we easily learned how to navigate, add, edit and delete content, and distribute the latest news to our club. Our bulletin and website are now timely and accurate. This timeliness and accuracy is appreciated by our club members, and by other regular recipients of the bulletin as well as by people using our website. Members' response to our "new-look" bulletin and website has been extremely positive. Members are even improving their computer skills to get the most out of their personalized "Rotary Roar" as it arrives promptly by e-mail each week.

Our club's three-person communications committee continues to learn ClubRunner's many applications. We really appreciate being able to correspond with you at ClubRunner when we have a question or idea about how we can use the program for the benefit of the club.

Thank you for this service, and for such a user-friendly and effective club communications program."
Rod Fay
Past President, Rotary Club of Edmonton Northeast
"What would our Club's communications be without ClubRunner? A bunch of lost emails, unorganized documents on several different computers, out-of-date member information and no handle on what's happening in our Club! That's the way it used to be!

What I also like about ClubRunner are the updates and friendly folks who always have suggestions and improvements. It's terrific! Thanks."
Glen Agar, Bulletin Editor
Rotary Club of Kapuskasing
"The key is in the versatility. Few club members have the skills or desire to learn website authoring. Webmasters cannot always be available to do work on a weekly basis. With ClubRunner, there is no limit on who can contribute. Information can be uploaded without skills and from anywhere in the world! Good communication makes for a strong club and ClubRunner is the tool!"
Kim Emmerson, Site Administrator
Rotary Club of Haliburton
"We recently purchased ClubRunner as a replacement for our “homegrown” web site.  The past two months have begun to transform our web site into a tool that is used regularly by members and executives alike! 

When I hear comments like “Our new club bulletin is amazing”, or “I didn’t know how to get to David’s house so I went onto the web site and got directions”; or simply from the sheer ease-of-use offered to me as a site administrator, using ClubRunner has been a terrific experience!

Clubrunner – you are definitely on the right track!  Thanks for listening to what we want, and keep up the great work!!!"
Miles Gibson, Site Administrator
Rotary Club of Edmonton Riverview
"As a former district webmaster I can't begin to extol the advantages of our new District 7010 ClubRunner site:

  • Easy to maintain; easy to navigate
  • Simple process for committee chairs to maintain their own page(s)
  • Broadcast emails to all club presidents and/or secretaries, treasurers at the click of a button
  • Inter-connected sites - News items can be either placed on the district site or, on both district and club home pages
  • Registering online for district events was never easier.

I'm sure there are many more interesting features that I have yet to discover; seems like every time I login, I discover yet another feature I wasn't aware of.

Superb communication tool - highly recommend to all Rotary clubs."

Carl Dickson, District Governor
Rotary International District 7010
"ClubRunner is making my life so much easier as Club President. Members are absolutely not able to say they don't know what is going on within the club!  No more excuses!  Everyone loves the site. Thanks."
George Rankin, President
Rotary Club of Peterborough Kawartha
"ClubRunner has literally revolutionized communications in District 7080. For the first time ever we are able to selectively target our communications. We are no longer forced to funnel everything through the club presidents.

As a result we have been able to decrease the information overload generally experienced by presidents and increase our information flow to every level of Rotary membership in the District. Our database provides for unlimited custom mail lists so we are now able to provide timely and relevant information to the Rotarian that really needs it.

ClubRunner has enabled Rotarians in District 7080 to be more efficient and more effective. We are able to spend less time as administrators and more time doing community service. ClubRunner was designed and developed by a Rotarian who has successfully combined his professional skills with his Rotary knowledge to deliver a service that allows us to operate as volunteers but deliver as professionals."
Janet Coates, Past District Governor
Rotary International District 7080
"ClubRunner has made the production of our weekly bulletin a much easier affair. Once the few simple coding requirements are learned, I can complete the job in about an hour."
Gerald J.
Rotary Club of Mississauga City Centre
"ClubRunner is so easy for someone with little computer experience or HTML knowledge, to create an interesting and informative site quickly.  It also allows each Club to make their site unique and keep it current by updating or changing the information when required.  I especially like the ebulletin, which  is a great component to contact all members with a personalized Bulletin to highlight and quickly distributing the latest club news and announcements."
Susan H.
Rotary Club of Oakville North
"I am loving ClubRunner! I’ve had so many compliments on our website, and I don’t want to tell people how easy it is!"
Kristin Sutherlin,
Rotary Club of Omaha North
"We love our new look and are very excited about using more of the features provided by ClubRunner Version 2.0. The photo banner is beautiful and now we know how easy it is to change the images to keep our web site looking fresh. The customer service staff has always been most helpful in answering my questions over the phone and providing training webinars."
Susana Brown,
Communications Director, Rotary Club of Boston #7
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