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Committees Management

Organize and manage your club and district committees with ease! With this feature, your club can now have a place to store your committee lists, including sub-committees. All members, chairs and secretaries can be identified and listed, and have their own directory listing.

The Enhanced Committee Module is included in the standard District package.

In addition to the Standard Version of the Committee Module (for clubs), your upgraded version gives you secured access to a committee document repository and your own email message center to be able to communicate effectively with other committee members.

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With the Committees Module, you can:

  • View all yearly and standing committees and their corresponding chairpersons
  • Create new yearly and standing committees
  • View a listing of all members within a specified committee along with contact information
  • Post relevant documents to be available for download by committee members or any member (Enhanced Version Only)
  • Create and send targeted emails to committee members (Enhanced Version Only)
  • Create unlimited levels of sub-committees (Enhanced Version Only)

Even more functionality coming in the future for the Enhanced Version:

  • Have your own committee Calendar, with events, deadlines, and key dates and milestones.
  • Organize yourself with a To-Do List that organizes your tasks as a committee with each task assigned to someone with a due date.

Access Information

Only accessible by member login, view a complete listing of all available committees. In each individual committee listing, you can find a listing of all members, their home club and position he/she holds within it, and their telephone numbers. In addition, all relevant documents for a committee are conveniently located within that specific listing.

Any documents related to committees are available to download. Documents can be specified as viewable by all members or committee members only, and can be organized in multiple folder levels.

New Listings

Creating new committees is effortless and you can choose whether they are publicly displayed on the club or district home page or privately accessed by secure member login. In addition, adding members to existing committees is quick and easy as all information is referenced from the ClubRunner database and no new data needs to be entered. Any contact information that is updated within a member's profile will automatically reflect in their committee directory.

If you have a yearly committee that will be in operation again in the following year, save time and eliminate transition errors by carrying over all information with the click of a button. You can then make any necessary changes to that new committee without changing the previous year's committee information.

If you have a need to create a sub-committee, its details are not accessible to the public. However you can have all the same functions of a main committee, including a documents folder, email communication and directory listings.


With a built in email message center, there's no need to worry that your message will be sent to the incorrect audience. For the committee that you wish to correspond with, simply select that committee and you will only have the option to email all or some of the members who belong to that group.

All emails sent within a committee remain listed within that committee's email center, so they stay organized in one place and cannot be accessed by other members utilizing the general club email system.

Pricing Structure

The cost for upgrading to the Enhanced Committee Module is dependent on the size of your club:

Size of Club in Members Monthly Fee*
Up to 40 members $6 ($72/year)
Between 41 and 80 $7 ($84/year)
Between 81 and 200 $8 ($96/year)
Between 201 and 300 $9 ($108/year)
Between 300 and 500 $10 ($120/year)

*Add-ons require an annual contract and will coincide with your ClubRunner contract. Please consult your Subscription Agreement for more details, found at the bottom of the order form.

To learn more or for feedback on this new feature, contact us at [email protected]


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