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Feature Upgrades


Google Analytics


One of the most requested features, Google Analytics is now available for clubs and Districts to track their website traffic and monitor various site statistics. With Google Analytics incorporated into your ClubRunner website, you will be able to uncover trends and patterns of website traffic and will be able to track your sponsor ads and more. To have the Google Analytics feature turned on for your club or District, kindly e-mail us at [email protected] with your Google Analytics Key.


If you do not currently have a Google Analytics key, you will need to first create an account by visiting, after which you will be given an analytics key unique to your account.


RI Integration


The RI Integration feature now also syncs member terminations to Rotary International's database. You can now also view all the pending updates and the number of times it was attempted as well as whether an update was successful or not and the reasons why if it wasn't.


Currently, only available through ClubRunner, with the RI Integration feature, you can also sync your Club Officer & Executive Information to RI's database in real time. This means that clubs can now define their club officers for 2012-2013 and the information will be reflected on RI's database in minutes.


Furthermore, clubs can also sync Club Meeting Information. Updates made to the club's meeting place as well as the meeting date and time will be reflected on RI's databases within minutes.


eDirectory Builder 2.0


Now available to clubs, the eDirectory Builder 2.0 will allow you to design and build your own custom reports. This module allows you to create reports and design everything from the layout, sections, data sources and fields in order to create unlimited reports that your members can access in the members only area. To access this new and powerful feature, click on the Reports tab in your Admin page.


Dues & Billing


Now available is a new batch report for printing multiple invoices. You can now select specific members and download a single PDF document containing all their printable invoices, which makes it easier to print invoices in one go. Furthermore, ex-members now also appear when creating invoices as well as in the Accounts Statements section of the Dues & Billing module. You can send invoices to ex-members and keep track of their transactions as well as perform credit and debit adjustments easily.



  • Start & End Dates and Times Added - Now when creating a new event with MyEventRunner, you can add both your registration start and end dates as well as your event start and end date and time. This will allow you to define exactly when your event is closed for registration.
  • Registration Save Method - Now registrations are only saved when payment is completed, whether it's via credit card or by pressing the button to indicate payment is by cheque. 
  • Editing Registrations -  Registrants can now edit their registration after they have paid. For example, instead of purchasing just one add-on, if the registrant decided they would like 2, this is possible. This feature can be enabled on a per event basis.
  • Cancelling Registrations - Event chairs can cancel a registration on MyEventRunner while still maintaining a balance owing. Cancelling a registration will prompt the event chair for an optional cancellation fee, specified either as a percentage of the registration amount or a flat fee. By cancelling a registration with a balance due, the registrant will no longer appear in the various reports and nametags.  
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