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Message Center

ClubRunner simplifies the way club members communicate via email, whether it be within their club, to prospective members, club directors or special groups and committees. 

ClubRunner maintains a centralized, up-to-date list of all groups and email addresses. All members are categorized once, so in sending a message, a member may select to send it to all members of any group or only to selected members, without ever needing to juggle names and email addresses.


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Two-level Circulation

Club executives and directors can also broadcast messages to selected executives in all or selected clubs within the district. When such an email is received by the president of the other clubs, he or she can circulate it to all his or her members with one click.

Message Center is great tool to have when managing committee meetings, sending invitations for meetings along with Agendas (or any other attachments needed), and circulating the latest news. It increases the group's efficiency and ensures that everyone who needs to know is on the same level of information.

Why is this better than using my own email software?

Because the custom lists are centralized on the ClubRunner databases, everyone uses the same accurate and complete list, which makes maintenance much easier. What that means is that a member's email address is stored in one location. If it changes, it is immediately reflected for everyone else, so you don't waste time managing email addresses.

What about bouncebacks?

While all emails generated through ClubRunner are sent from our servers, you will still receive notifications of bouncebacks through an automated bounceback report. This report is automatically emailed to the sender shortly after your message broadcast, and will contain a report of all names and emails that resulted in an undeliverable notice.


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