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Powerful and easy to use software that accelerates membership collaboration and automates administration

ClubRunner is the membership automation company that enables non-profits, boards, private clubs and international associations - of all sizes to work together and improve communication.  ClubRunner solutions are both easy to use and extremely powerful, providing the foundation for retention, growth and improved administration throughout. 


ClubRunner, known for its innovation and impact to community, won the Microsoft Impact award for "Best Community Impact" and was voted as best Rotary Software in a recent survey conducted.  Today, ClubRunner has over 5000 customers, in over 30 countries.

What Makes ClubRunner Different?

Unlike other membership solutions, ClubRunner provides powerful, uncompromising functionality with a fun, extremely easy-to-adopt experience. Combined with our service model plus no charges for training, extended support or integration, ClubRunner delivers the fastest time, to value for anyone looking to boost the impact of their membership. ClubRunner takes pride in seeing its customer succeed for the long term, and today ClubRunner boasts the highest retention rates in any software industry.


When was ClubRunner Founded?

ClubRunner was founded in 2003 by a world-class software executive with a long-time experience with IBM and other innovative software companies.  Along with a team that have over 10 years of membership participation.  The team started with a mission to change the way membership clubs and associations connect, communicate and collaborate by re-organizing time for administration to impact on goals.


Our Vision

The ClubRunner vision is to enable people to improve productivity, accelerate business processes, and enable an overall improvement to their dedicated areas of work. The combination of industry knowledge and advanced technology, coupled with passion allows us to build innovative solutions. We believe in a world where our solutions will develop a balance between performance, time management and the improvement of life balance.

Our mission is to make technology work for anyone, anywhere, anytime impacting their work in a natural and effective way.

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