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Beanstream is a Canadian company that provides organizations and groups with risk management, authentication services and payment, which includes global transaction processing. Integrated with ClubRunner, Beanstream provides our customers with online payment solutions in order to accept credit card payments for dues and events. For more information on online payment processing and pricing, click here.

1-250-472-2326 (Todd Horn)







Sage Bank Card


Sage Payment Solutions is a US based company that specializes in tailoring payment solutions for organizations and groups. Integrated with ClubRunner, Sage provides our customers with online payment solutions in order to accept credit card payments for dues and events. For more information on online payment processing and pricing, please contact Rick Garboski.

1-877-514-1400 (Rick Garboski)
[email protected]






Microsoft Partner Network


Branching from the Microsoft Corporation, the Microsoft Partner network is a building community that offers certified Microsoft partners resources to help create and deliver innovative, profitable cloud solutions. ClubRunner is proud to be a Microsoft Certified Partner for the past decade.





Windows Azure 


The Window Azure platform is a flexible cloud computing platform that aids businesses in the creation and maintenance of web applications and services.








Founded in 2001, Kayako is a leading help desk software provider that provides organizations with web-centric customer support and customer engagement solutions to centrally manage a company's various customer support channels.




ZAM Tools


A design and development company, ZAM Tools offers customers a range of custom development services from Mobile App development to software development and web design.




XBase Technologies


Founded in 1988, XBase Technologies is a professional IT services based company that offers client-focused network consulting services and solutions that support and centrally manage systems for organizations.


Do you have a product or service that you believe would be a valuable addition to the ClubRunner service? Drop us a line at [email protected].