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ClubRunner Synchronization with Rotary International

ClubRunner is proud to be the first vendor to have integrated its systems with Rotary International to enable seamless data updates.

On November 1, 2010, ClubRunner became the first vendor to have integrated its databases with Rotary International and thus became the first software provider to offer this service.

After months of testing and hand in hand collaboration with Rotary International, it was a great joy to see the initiative come together. Both ClubRunner and Rotary International have been working closely to establish a secure connection to completely automate member updates while maintaining full control and privacy to Rotary clubs and districts.


We're proud to be leading the way with this revolutionary feature! The RI Integration feature not only syncs member data to Rotary International's database, but also syncs club information such as meeting place and time as well as club executive and officer changes - synchronizations that are only available through the ClubRunner platform!


To view a full listing of all the types of synchronizations available within the RI Integration module offered by ClubRunner, please click here.


Featuring Compare & Synchronize


The Compare & Synchronize feature within this function will allow you to compare your member data information as it appears on ClubRunner with what is available in Rotary Internationals' Member Access, giving you the option to push your member information directly from ClubRunner to Rotary International or pull your information from Member Access to populate your ClubRunner profile. Therefore, if you notice a member's profile was inconsistent between ClubRunner and RI, you can simply push or pull the specific field data between ClubRunner and RI. This will allow you to clean up any data that was inconsistent before integration was enabled.


How it Works


Until now, all software vendors have been issuing email notifications to Rotary International’s Data Services division, resulting in countless hours of manual data entry. 


With the RI Integration feature, when a club database is updated with, for example, a member’s new contact information, that change will automatically be incorporated into RI’s database, eliminating the need for clubs to formally notify RI or make the change manually through Member Access. Furthermore, any updates made to the club's meeting place will be reflected on RI's database in minutes. Clubs can now also define their club officers for the next year and have the information sync to RI's database in minutes.


 Advantages of the Rotary International Database Integration

  1. Club members can eliminate countless hous of duplicate data entry
  2. Drastically reduces instances of human error
  3. Keep member data and club information up-to-date in RI's database for better communication
  4. Increase accuracy of member data while respecting privacy levels
  5. Eliminate the need to manually process and send in semi-annual reports

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