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Why Advertise on ClubRunner?

Advertising presents the opportunity to promote your business to the community by partnering with ClubRunner or a club within your geographic area. There are now 2 types of advertisements possible on ClubRunner:
  1. ClubRunner-wide Banner Ads: These ads displayed on all ClubRunner websites and are administered through ClubRunner. You can choose to switch to a non-ad supported version. Contact us for more details.

  2. Club Specific Sponsor Ads: These ads are displayed on your club's website only. Pricing and policy are administered by the local club. Please contact the club directly to inquire about their rates.
The majority of visitors to ClubRunner sites are members and friends of local clubs within a close geographical area. It is uncommon to find such a high concentration of Internet visitors coming from the same neighborhood. This makes ClubRunner an ideal site for small businesses offering products and services in that area. Since 100% of the advertising revenue goes back to the service club this in turn supports the local community.

Benefits of advertising on ClubRunner...

  • Get visibility in your local area
  • Sponsor and support your community
  • Enhance your business' public relations and image
If you would like to submit an ad, or for more information, please contact the local club in your community or email [email protected]. Please include the club website address you are interested in sponsoring, and your contact information.


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