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New Features


Dynamic Bulletin 2.0


The eBulletin is an effective tool that Clubs use to boost membership growth, retention and public relations. As ClubRunner is progressing towards a more dynamic and innovative platform, we will soon be launching a completely revamped eBulletin.


The new Dynamic Bulletin will not only offer multiple designs but will also be much more flexible in its layout and style options. You will soon be able to design and build your eBulletin the way you want it, with all the content you want to share from your website.


Dynamic Bulletin will feature:

  • Customizable Banner Graphics & Headers
  • You will have the ability to upload your own custom banner header image or design your header using 2 logos and formatted text.
  • Flexible Layouts & Custom Widgets
  • Your eBulletin will no longer have a static look and feel to it. This feature will allow you to design your eBulletin in the same way  that you would design your home page with Website Designer 2.0. You will be able to decide which components to display on your eBulletin and where!  
  • Custom Content Widgets
  • Not only will you be able to display multiple widgets on your eBulletin but you will also have the opportunity to create and display customized content such as announcements, images, about the club blurbs, large graphics, and more.

Once released, you will find the Dynamic Bulletin editor under the ‘Club eBulletin’ section in the admin screen. ClubRunner will port over all your bulletin content to the new designer and select a default layout to get you started so you will not have to worry about converting your content. Look out for the Beta version of the Dynamic Bulletin in your admin screen within the next few weeks and get ready to give your weekly newsletter a major overhaul!



Search Engine Optimization


Available for both Clubs and Districts, you will now be able to better control your website’s meta tag keywords and description to improve your search results in Google and other engines. The good news is that if you don’t modify your meta tags, we’ll do it for you! When you access this feature for the first time, you will see all fields personalized with your own keywords such as city, state, and club name to make sure you’re found instantly, so be sure to visit this page and set your keywords soon.


Coming Soon!


Facebook Widget


You asked for it, and we listened. Integrate social media into your website effortlessly with our widget selector. Our first widget to be released is Facebook – so that you can promote your facebook identity online. A quick “Like” button will instantly add your visitor’s name as a fan to your facebook page, giving you added publicity. Stay tuned for this widget slated to appear by March, followed by other social media widgets including Twitter.


Add Images Easily From Your Image Library


Make your web pages and bulletins pop with large, vibrant images! We are implementing a convenient “Add Image” button to the Stories and Site pages editors to make it even easier to embed pictures within your text. Upload pictures from your computer, or better yet, access your Image Library for easy access to commonly used images. This will eliminate the two-step process of uploading to your Photo Albums, then referencing the photo within the editor. Now you can add as many pictures as you like to a page, making it more appealing and engaging to your reader.





Personalize Emails with Merge Fields & Templates

We’re doing away with the standard ‘To: John Smith’ header at the top of all emails. Soon you can choose to make your email greetings as formal or casual as you like, by creating your own greeting and selecting which name to use. Simply type in your greeting as you do the rest of your email, then select which field to insert by choosing from the drop down option. Incorporate merge fields like first name, last name, club name, and even spouse name! The templates feature will allow you to save commonly sent messages in a collection of templates, ready to use over and over again. Now you’ll have to figure out what to do with all your spare time!





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