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At ClubRunner, our commitment to help you adopt the most of your solution is top priority.  In addition to our expert customer support team, online community, and our ongoing training programs, ClubRunner also offers extended professional services to support you in maximizing your use or add special resources to your program.


ClubRunner takes on a different approach with our consulting practice, we help you plan, launch and manage your ongoing activities.  Whether you need dedicated customer support, a special expert in managing a program or day-to-day management of your service, ClubRunner has the resources to help you achieve your goals.


Your ClubRunner consultant can help you with many added services you need, some packaged services include:

  • Data Quality Management: A consultant will go through your entire system to ensure data integrity, a cleanup of all loose ends and an up to date review of all your content.  For those who want to integrate data with other ongoing services, or applications, a consultant can also help you achieve this.
  • Design & Creative: A consultant can help you design and customize graphics, content, and your email communications specific to the look and feel you want.  Based on a requirements gathering call, we take your ideas and build them they way you want them.
  • Dedicated Technical Support: Want to have a technical expert dedicated to your needs? We offer various dedicated support levels that can help you gain peace of mind that someone is always managing your technical requirements.
  • Event Management: Launching a large event? Or need help with ongoing volunteering and fundraising programs? A ClubRunner event manager can help you manage your contacts, event details, and provide a stellar registration experience.

For more information, or to inquire about a specific need our team can help you with, please email us at [email protected].













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