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Event Planner

Promote your Event

Create an event, enter all the details for it, and email the event announcement to all members and friends with the click of a button. It will also appear on your home page, complete with a map generated automatically using the address. Event announcements are emailed to club members and to other members in the District. A sign up sheet can be generated and emailed to the presidents of other clubs in your District.  


Recipients can register online for the event with a simple click of the mouse. Register members of other clubs, and additional guests. Get a current listing and count of all attendees at any time, keep track of who paid and who didn't, and even print name tags! ClubRunner assigns a confirmation number for each registration, so the event chair can identify the order in which everyone signed up (in case of overbooking).

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Watch a quick tutorial that will show you create, manage and promote your events. View On-Demand Demo

Manage Fund-raising Activities

Assign volunteer tasks, and allow members to book themselves for any available tasks online, which will automatically be posted in their eBulletin as a reminder of their commitments. ClubRunner will list all events, obligations, fund-raising commitments, etc for which they are booked.

Running a larger and complex event where registration is open to the public? MyEventRunner™ allows you to create and publish a public online registration form and collect credit card payments online. Click here to learn more about it!

Communicate with your Attendees and Volunteers

Send out a message to all your attendees or volunteers without having to worry about juggling email addresses. Compose your message on ClubRunner and send to all attendees or volunteers with one click.

Get Help from other Clubs in your Area

Send out a "help needed" message to other clubs in your area requesting volunteers for your fund-raising event. They share the same sign-up sheet with your club so you will always know what task needs volunteers.

Print Name Tags

Event Planner can even print name tags for every attendee so they can be made available at the door. The name tags are generated automatically on a Word document visible in the browser, ready for printing.


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