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The eBulletin is an effective tool in meeting the challenge of public relations, membership growth and membership retention. With a few simple steps, stories and pictures are assembled automatically into a professional bulletin, complete with the name of the club and logo.

Each bulletin is personalized and emailed to all club members, ex-members, and prospective members with a single click. Editors can focus on the contents of the bulletin and not have to worry about the layout and any image related issues. Images can be included in your bulletin in the same easy manner.

ClubRunner will also include a reminder to each recipient for all registrations and club related commitments including event attendance, volunteering, weekly meeting roster, and any responsibilities associated with new membership tasks. The eBulletin will automatically include the club's future speakers and have a link to the club web site to promote awareness.

By showing each member a personalized list of his or her club related activities, such as weekly meeting responsibilities, fundraising activities, and new members sponsorship tasks, ClubRunner will help your members commit themselves personally, offer a friendly reminder, and get involved in the club and community.

You can add additional recipients to your bulletin recipient list, so it can be distributed automatically to other news editors and clubs to provide a source of news and events for your club.


Email addresses and recipient lists are all maintained by ClubRunner's online databases, so the editor is not required to juggle email addresses or change them when necessary. Because the lists are integrated into all modules of ClubRunner, once the member changes his or her email address, it is reflected everywhere and requires no further maintenance.

By pushing information to members and friends you are actively reaching out and increasing membership awareness of club happenings and community services, which is important for membership growth and retention.





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