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Attendance Manager

ClubRunner provides the tools needed to manage meeting administration and attendance reporting. These pages are secured and require that the user login, and have the appropriate access rights to membership information. This is given to the club secretary by default, but can be changed.

Meeting Administration

A meeting printout is available, which includes a list of all members, and is used to identify each member's payment method, report cash collected for meals and other proceeds, as well as a reconciliation of cash. This printout is passed to the accountant when the proceeds are deposited into the bank. This method will ensure acceptable checking and control for funds handling; the people that handle the cash are different from the people who account for the cash. Also, you are able to keep track of all visiting Rotarians and guests as well as all monies collected by category. (i.e. Meals, 50-50 Draws).

Attendance Reporting and Statistics

Attendance is reported into Attendance Manager very easily by checking off the members who attended the meeting in one screen. Attendance Manager will report yearly attendance percentages per member and allow membership chairs to follow up. Because meeting attendance figures are reported into ClubRunner, monthly attendance statistics are created automatically and may be sent to the District with one click. No one outside the club can see a member's attendance, only the club's overall percentage of attendance that month.

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Barcode Scanner Module for Even More Convenience

Eliminate manual data entry completely by printing barcode labels for your member badges, then scanning them using a cordless reader. The software automatically updates your records on your website to keep all reports accurate and up to date.

The Barcode Scanner solution consists of a portable barcode scanner, software to print the barcodes and accept data download of attendance to a PC, and an upload feature in ClubRunner to accept data from the PC and integrate it into the club's attendance report. For more details, click here!


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