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District Version Feature Updates (District Version 2.2)


For us, it begins with the promise to deliver an exceptional product, which is why we are constantly working on adding the most innovative and useful features to our service.


We've redesigned ClubRunner for Districts to give it a fresh new look and more intuitive functionality and have added lots of new features. We like to call this upgrade - District Version 2.2!


District Launchpad


Starting with the all new District Launchpad- your new starting point to gain insight into your District activities!

Access all the important information you need regarding your clubs at from one place!

  • Need to make a quick announcement or remind your members of an upcoming event? Simply type in your message in the  'Launchpad Message' widget for all to see. Easily update your announcements and keep them up for as long as you like.
  • Wondering how many clubs in your District have not yet activated the RI Integration feature on or need a summary of the RI Integration updates that have occurred this past month? Access that information directly from the RI Integrationwidgets.
  • View Monthly Membership Statisticsincluding the number of new and terminated members in your clubs and the number of unique logins. Click on the numbers for a more detailed view and to be able download the information. Additionally, monitor the number of total honorary members within all clubs in your district as well as the number of total active members.
  • Easily keep track of your Website Activity. View the number of stories and news items added to the site. Additionally, view the number of events created by the district as well as by all the clubs within the district. Click on the numbers to access more information!

Google Maps


View a map of all the clubs in the District on Google Maps with filters allowing you to display the clubs in your District, based on the time of the day they meet and the day of the week.




Member Data Reports

  • This feature allows you to generate a report based on the filters you specify to collect only the information you require about your club members and then gives you the ability to download the report to your computer. Choose the fields you want to download and customize the filters you would want to apply to your report. The member data report allows you export various fields such as member name, classification, birthday, membership number, website URL, spouse name, anniversary date, and more into an excel file. Further apply filters to your report such as Active and Honorary members, date joined, terminated, last login, date modified, etc. and define your report with the information you need.

Missing Email Address Report

  • In addition to the existing reports tracking your emails and their status, the missing email address reportallows you to view a list of all the members with missing email addresses in their profiles. You even have the option to view their phone numbers in order to call and follow up and request a profile update.

Years of Service Report

  • This report allows you select a club in your District to then view the years of service of all the number of Active and Honorary members. Select the member type (Active, Honorary, Other Users, etc. and filter by years of service. The report will display the names of the members, the date joined. the years of service. You also have the option to download the report to excel.


Age Distribution & Gender Distribution Report

  • Select a club in your District and to view the age distribution range within the clubs in your District. The Age Distribution report displays the number of members within each group, the total percentage and even breaks down that information to reflect both active and honorary members.

    Similarly, the Gender Distribution report also displays the total number of members as well as a percentage breakdown, which you can export to Excel.


Photo Organization Chart

  • The redesigned photo organization chart now also displays your member designations with special icons along with the name of your club and your title in the form of a business card. Identifying member designations just got easier! 

Customizable Email Templates

  • In addition to the built-in email templates, you can now create your own email templates! Moreover, now you can even customize your attendance reminder emails and edit the content as you wish.

ClubRunner for Districts

Improve communication, organization and efficiency within your District today

  • Centralize Club and Member Information on a Single Database
  • Robust Database to keep track of all clubs and their membership information
  • Manage executive and director lists for automatic display onto your website
  • Generate an online directory automatically from database
  • Allow each club to log in and manage their own data independently (without need for their own ClubRunner subscription)
  • Allow each club to have their own webpage to manage and update
  • Keep track of attendance per club and allow monthly reporting
  • Track all changes on database and produce reports such as New Members Added
  • Automatic reporting to the RI Database to eliminate duplicate data entry

Benefits for Districts

Improve Communication with an integrated database

Publish all important information online through public and members only pages, giving everyone access to what they need. Allow clubs to communicate easily with the district and each other.

Save Valuable time and money with online directories

  • Reduce costs of administration, postage, and telecom
  • Online District eDirectories slashes your printing budget
  • Give authorized access to edit and search for information
  • Provide clubs with autonomy and the ability to directly post their own updates

Improve your district image and availability of information

Create a professional online presence with the optional Website Module, organize your district's information and keep current and prospective members well informed. Already have a website? Contrary to popular belief, you can integrate ClubRunner's powerful database into your pre-built website and still profit from all the features offered in ClubRunner's District product.
The district version gives you the ability to have:


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