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Maintaining web presence has been a challenging task for many clubs. Failure to keep an up to date website in the past has been attributed to two main reasons:

  1. Difficulty in identifying a webmaster, someone who has the technical skills to create web pages and upload them to the server, and
  2. The availability of that person. Everyone in the club must forward material to the webmaster for him or her to upload to the site. This creates a bottleneck for information to appear on the website, the webmaster must do all the work, the site becomes stagnant, and everyone loses interest.

Did You Know?

Once a visitor to a website notices no changes being made, he or she will most likely never visit again.
Presentation, image handling and the overall organization of a website is another challenge that many clubs struggle with in the attempt to build a web presence.

ClubRunner provides the answer to these problems. Website Manager hides away all technical issues related to site organization and presentation, and allows you to focus on the actual contents of your site, such as stories, news, photos, etc.

The ability of editing the website is not limited to one person. All club members can contribute to the site, making it more content-rich and interesting, as well as more timely.


All ClubRunner websites generally come with a ClubRunner URL, which is along the lines of If you already have your own domain name, you can either activate URL

forwarding or transfer the management of your domain to us. For

more information, please click here


How is the website edited?

A club site editor logs into to the club site, and types the contents of a new story into a simple and easy to use web page over the Internet. You can even copy and paste your text if it has already been typed elsewhere.

Once the story is saved, it will appear on the home page immediately. Images related to stories and events are handled automatically by ClubRunner. The size and image format are automatically adjusted.

Club editors do not need to know HTML and file transferring (FTP) skills. Since the entire ClubRunner service is online, there is no need to install any software on a machine. The only requirement to editing your website is having Internet connection. For the experienced user, some HTML tags can be incorporated into the text, so there is flexibility in the way your text will appear on the page, e.g. making some parts bold, or putting in links to other web sites.

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What else is displayed on the homepage?

Events that are defined in Event Planner will automatically be listed on the web site, along with a link for online registrations. Additional links and pages related to your event can be posted on the home page, e.g. directions and a map.

A listing of club executives and directors is posted on your homepage. To change a director simply select the new person from a drop down list showing all club members. This listing is also used in the Message Center.

Speakers at future club meetings are displayed, which will also appear automatically in the eBulletin.

Links to external sites can be added easily in the same manner as stories. Internal links can also be added; these are HTML or PDF pages that can be edited and uploaded as required.

What about additional pages for committees and projects?

Club committees and special projects can have their own sub homepages, with their own stories, links and photo albums. Building such additional pages is done in the same simple and intuitive manner.

How secure is all this information?

Although website stories you enter become public, the editing of the site and the information within is secured by unique logins and passwords for each member, as well as proper access rights.

Internal information can only be accessed by members once they have logged in successfully. This includes internal club documents and any information related to other club members.

Read our Privacy Policy for more details on member information security.


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