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Better Communication

Keeping members in the loop is now easier than ever. Broadcast important announcements and your club bulletin in a snap, without ever having to remember a single email address. ClubRunner will keep track of all member commitments and generate reminders automatically, resulting in a better organized club. Better communication makes for a more effective club, keeps members connected from anywhere, and allows people to do more with their time.

Better Event Planning

Spend less time administering your club and more time enjoying fellowship. Let ClubRunner handle event invitations, online registrations, and volunteer signup sheets to keep your members organized. Keep in touch with members, friends of the club, event attendees, volunteers, and sponsors all without having to remember a single email address. Print nametags, and up-to-date attendee list, and more. ClubRunner makes it easy to plan and promote your club events so you can do more with your time. 



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Better Sharing

Your ClubRunner subscription gives you an easy to update website, or can integrate into your existing website. Editing contents online is easy and fast, and doesn't require webmaster experience. Announce your speakers. Add feature stories and photos outlining your club's most recent activities. Post club documents such as registration forms and guides in one area so all members can access them. Maintain a secure, password-protected online document folder for important information to keep year after year.

Better Membership

ClubRunner improves the way your club welcomes new members by creating a customized orientation process and assigning various tasks to different members. Maintain a prospective members list in one location, and they will automatically receive a personalized eBulletin every week. As more people get informed of your club's activities, they are encouraged to get involved. And it's not just for members; keep past members, honorary members, exchange students, and sponsors in the loop.


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