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RI-CAS Club Administration Software for Rotary

Rotary International has retired support for RI-CAS and RI-DAS Club and District Administration software effective December 2008.

RI-CAS, formerly known as Clubmate, is the official administration software for Rotary clubs and districts, and was available as a free download since August 2003. Rotary International has now retired its' support for this product, effective December 2008. There is also an online version of RI-CAS, and this service has been discontinued as of October 2008.

ClubRunner has been listed by Rotary International as an alternative solution for clubs looking to transition their membership database.

In use for over 5 years, ClubRunner is a proven, mature software solution for clubs and districts looking to implement an online, database driven membership management system.

In use by 7 of the first 10 Rotary clubs, and numerous large clubs such as Los Angeles, Boston, New York, Sacramento, Oakland, Toronto, and San Francisco, ClubRunner is designed not just for large clubs but is suited for and used by small and medium sized clubs.

In addition to database management, ClubRunner is designed to improve membership retention and growth, public relations and image, and makes managing a club’s overall functions more efficient.

Lastly, ClubRunner is an online, web-based software, which is much easier to maintain and share between multiple users. Data backup is also no longer an issue as this is something that ClubRunner takes care of.

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